You will find them,
and you will battle them to the death,
For the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world

was it good V was it bad



This movie was good but it could have been great.There was a lot of filler in the middle of the film
which was a lot of those shots from the trailers,The main cast of acting was great My favorite character was the Ben Affleck Batman who was an older weathered Batman.His performance was amazing as well as Henery Cavill as Superman,Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman,Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor,Amy Adams as Louis Lane and Jeremy Irons as Alfred with Laurence Fishburne, but a whole lot of characters were shoehorned in the film (which some I very much appreciated) and it did drag out too long and the Batman V Superman fight led straight into the Doomsday fight it was also very confusing with the Speedster's vision given to Bruce it came out of nowhere (like how I just
mentioned it).

Let's just start from the begging of the film we had a flashback to Martha and Tomash Wayne's funnel and then it flashed back, even more, to show how they were murdered.This scene at the begging
proved to me that this was a Batman-focused film.Then we also see young Bruce being Bat Jesus or
something which I was about to walk out of the movie and buy Civil War tickets.But the science on that could potentially work.Superman then gets his turn by saving Louis Lane from some terrorist and I have no idea what happened because it was so fast and choppy.Then we also see a lot of Bruce
Wayne in Metropolis during the Superman V Zod battle.We actually see him talking to someone on the Wayne Tower before it went down on the phone.It was even more depressing seeing this through a person view.

We see a whole lot of Louis Lane and Clark Kent stuff and Batman branding criminals  which were

Lex Luthor did get introduced and it was like he is the Jokers son but was raised by The Lex Luthor.He doesn't seem like a Lex Luthor character however he does have the same motives.Lex then goes on to buy the World Engine from Man of Steel which he then experiments with Zod with some kryptonite from the bottom of the ocean.Lex then cuts open his hand and it enables something in the

work engine and stuff happen.Bruce Wayne then investigates on Lex Luthor or something I don't know I shouldn't have got that drink.Then we get to that cheezy party scene when Clark Kent and bruce Meets and Diana Prince is there,Barry Allen and Arthur Curry were probably also there.Bruce then gets some files from Lex corp with some Wayne tech which Diana steals.Then Bruce meets up with Diana at another fancy party and he manages to get the Lexcorp file.Bruce then just uploads the files from that device and it is taking really slow.4% in and the screen goes black for half a second and then we get that apocalyptic science with the omega symbol,superman nazi's and then the Darkside minions fly in and the shit goes downSuperman takes if Batman's and the Bruce wakes up and a BLUE PORTAL OPENS UP WITH LIGHTNING AND AN RED FIGURE IS STRUGGLING TO GET OUT AND A REALLY UNUSUALLY MASK COMES FOLDING OFF AND HE SAYS

Bruce then wakes up from that dream(inception).I have a theory about what the speedster is was trying to get across I'll do a post for that later on.There is then like a chase scene where batman try's to track down some Kryptonite that is being delivered to Lexcorp.Batman uses his amazing Batmobile which those some really cool stuff.The Batman goes around a corner and Superman is standing there and Batman try's running him over..Tgen then have that little conversation
"next time they shine your light in the sky
Don't go to it the bat is dead
Consider this mercy".
"Tell me do you bleed
You will"

Then Superman goes to the Capital building (which is in DC coincidence).then lex Luthor blows it
up and Superman looks like he is going to cry and flys away.

Bruce watches this happen in the news.Lex then walks into his lab and finds a big hunk of Kryptonite missing in the case and where it was lies a Batarang.Bruce starts training.Alfred is all like "He's not our enemy"The Batman Armour is being constructed and looked awesome.Louis Lane is then captured by Lex and on top of the Lexcorp tower.He pushes the damsel in distressed of the building and Superman saves her then goes up top to the tower and tells him he has captured his mom Martha.Lex tells Superman to kill Batman so he goes.Superman is actually willing to work with Batman to take down Lex Luthor but Batman's not.The fight it out and it IS AWESOME!This is what movie was leading up to.finally.The fight goes down fight kryptonite weapons fired by Batman and he smashes Superman where Superman snapped Zod's neck in Man of Steel.Batman actually uses
like some type of power rope and swing Superman around.Superman is battered and bruised he is struggling to say, Martha, because Batman is standing on him and Batman saying

he is about to kill him with a Kryptonite spear.Then Louis comes in and stops Batman and she says "That's the name of his mother please please"The Batman gets off Superman and finds his humanity somehow.Batman says "that's the name of my mother "Then he says"I gonna find her no Martha is dying tonight"They then agree with each other Superman goes off and finds Lex Luthor who THEN UNLEASHES DOOMSDAY who goes viral all over the news.Loius then gets the Kryptonite spear and dumps it in a flooded place of the building.Diana Prince get off a plane opens up a computer finds the Lex Corp files and Opens up the Meta Human Files.

And what does she do she opens them all up and we see small clips of Flash stopping a robbery at convenience store,Aquaman swimming out of shipwreck full costume and supposedly kills whoever is filming and Victor is nothing but a chest and an arm and his head and then the magic tech cube activates and he turns into Cyborg.Wonder Woman also finds a photo of herself in 1938 setting up the Wonder Woman movie next year.
There's some nuclear bomb thing that goes off in the sky when superman punches Doomsday up and away.They both land on some island.Batman goes off and that awesome scene from the final trailer with batman beating up all those guys and being batman WAS AWESOME!Batman then rescues Martha.Batman gets on the site with Superman in his awesome Batplane that crashes and then Wonder Woman come in like in the trailer.
"is she with you"
"I thought she was with you"
A whole lot of fighting goes down with lots of was very bright with the kryptonite and the red.
Man of Steel-Dubstep
Batman V Superman-Disco Light
Then batman has no more kryptonite weapons and the last one was the spear that Louis Lane threw away.Batman And Wonderwoman keep fighting Doomsday.Wonder Woman cuts off his hand which grows back into sharp spikes Superman quickly flys back to get the spear and he are struggling to get it.He gets it he seems really weak.Superman flys towards Doomsday with the spear and the sharp
rock hand of Doomsday leaving

killing them both

With that ballsy comic book end, battle settled Lex goes to prison with a shaved head.Batman frightens him.There is a global memorial for Superman and there is a small funeral for Clarke Kent.Louis go an engagement ring that Martha gave to her which she said: "Clarke got this for you".His funeral happens Louis is sprinkling some dirt on his grave she walked away.Bruce and Diana are watching from a distance.They discuss tracking down the other Meta Humans like The Flash,Aquaman, and Cyborg.They walk away.Then the dirt that Louis sprinkled on the coffin starts levitating


Overall this movie felt too felt like a Batman movie,Man of Steel 2,Lex Luthor,Batman V Superman, and a Justice League setup all in one movie.In the first two-thirds of this movie nothing happens except that scene with Bruce Wayne in the Superman V Zod attack.I did thoroughly enjoy the third act of this film it was something as a fan a lifetime experience but the first 2 thirds were quite dull overall.I will give this movie a 5.5/10.As always thanks for reading take care.

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