Season 1 Episode 13:

This episode was probably the best episode!
The episode started off with the team going to 2166, 3 days before Vandal Savage murders Rip's family.The Waverider lands with a few damages and then Rip,White Canary,Captian Cold and Heatwave go after Vandal Savage and then have a small fight with his minions and his right-hand woman guard.Kendra is watching this fight from the Waverider and has a flashback.She then tells Sarah to get the bracelet off Savage's right-hand woman guard that she saw in her flashback, but she fails.The team has to fall back to the ship.Kendra then tells the team about the bracelet and how they could possibly weaponize it to stop savage.Captain Cold and Heatwave then go back to find Savaged right -hand woman and finds out that she is Vandal Savages daughter.The two manage to capture her, get her bracelet and take her back to the Waverider.Kendra manages to weaponize it with Hawkman's mace.

Meanwhile, Rip, Jackson, Stein, and Ray find a resistance base against who are against Savage and there are also a lot of refugees at that base.The Legends go back to the Waverider and then we here large, thundering footsteps.Cassandra starts to smirk then we see this huge green robot controlled by Savage which is THE LEVIATHAN and then Ray and Stein go and quickly get all the refugees from the resistance base on the Rider and then Rip is all like "What the hell are you doing".But then Ray and Rip have a discussion about faith which is kind of a common theme throughout the series.Then he just flys the ship away but then the Leviathan manages to destroy part of the ship and it goes spiraling out of control but not crashing.Everyone is scared but then the cell where Casandra opens but Leonard still has her under control and then he starts to turn her against Savage by telling her that the virus that killed her mother was released by her father.And then she freaked out and just, felt betrayed.

So now the Leviathan is about 30 minutes out from the Waverider which is not looking to good.Martin has been stabbed by a bit of debris from the ship and he is put in medical care on the
ship then Ray says "I've got an idea".So then Jackson stays at the Waverider and helps Ray with his
the idea and the rest go off and try to stop Savage along with Cassandra.The team manages to face the guards.Back with Ray and Jackson, they are both outside and Jackson is powering up a box which is connected to Ray in the Atom suit and then Ray says "This should reverse the dwarf star formula, if not well every cell in my body will turn inside out."And then Ray powers his suit and BOOM! GIANT ATOM IS BORN!(only one week off Marvel!) Atom then has an amazing fight with the Leviathan ultimately beating him.This was a really crazy fight and I know that the visual effects on that would have cost a lot, but we need to see that again especially for the season finally.Meanwhile, Hawkgirl (with Hawkman's mace with the bracelet melted to a sharp spike on it) goes for Vandal Savage.She manages to take him down then one of his guards come in.She fights him and then his helmet comes off revealing Carter.Kendra freaks out and then Savage is says something like "That's him, I took him when he knew nothing, but I am the only one who can save him. "Kendra is facing a dilemma with saving the World or Her World, Her Hawkman.Then Rip comes in and shoots Savage knocking him out and they also take Carter.So the episode ends with Vandal Savage
being captured on the Waverider.

Overall this was my favorite episode of the series so far.My favorite part was probably the Giant Atom V The Leviathan.That was one hell of a showdown.My favorite character was probably Wentworth miller as Captain Cold.I loved how he approached a lot of the scenes in this episode.Let me know what you like about this episode in the comments below.As always thanks, fo reading, take care.

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