Season 2 Episode 19:

So in last week's episode, Barry lost his speed to Zoom and he took Catlin to his Earth 2 layer.The episode started off with Barry trying to do everything he usually does in his average day but without his speed.I loved seeing this as it bought a more of a sense of relatability to Barry Allen and it was like the title of the episode "BACK TO NORMAl" which was going back to before he had powers.Then Harrison Wells is trying to find his daughter, Jessie Quick with a zero-cellular zone that she would leave behind because she is from earth 2 which moves at a different frequency.Harry does, they have an argument then he starts to drive back to Central City but then a Meta-Human, Griffon Grey shows up mistakes him for Earth 1 Harrison Wells and takes him hostage using his super-strength.Then Barry and Iris investigate the scene then they pick up Jessie.Then they find Grey, where Barry, Cisco, and Joe try taking him down and find out that he ages every time he uses his super-strength.Within their encounter, Barry gets injured.

Over at Earth, 2 Zoom/Hunter Zolomon's says that he still loves Catlin where she is the complete opposite, Catlin does actually taunt Hunter with saying a few specific words.But Zoom takes off Catlins handcuffs and runs away.Catlin then explores Zoom's layer and finds the man in the iron mask and Killer Frost in separate cells.Catlin then decides to free Killer Frost in order for her to escape with her.Frost backfires and tries to kill Catlin, then Zoom runs in and FREAKIN KILLS KILLER FROST.He then tells Catlin "IF YOU TRY TO BREAK HIM OUT HES DEAD"("HIM" referring to the Man in the Iron Mask).Back at Earth 1 team Flash manage to track Wells at Ace Chemicals then they start to prepare for the fight.Cisco and Jessie pad up Barry's chest piece in the Flash suit with the same metal the Atom's Armour is made up of.Then Cisco, Joe and Powerless Flash face off the pretty old Griffon Grey.They manage to beat him and find Harrison Wells.The Back at Earth 2 Catlin begs to Zoom to let her get back to her home (Earth 1) Then Zoom pretty much says
"since I've conquered this Earth I'll conquer yours (Earth 1)."
Then he runs off.
My favorite part was at the end where Harry and Barry are in the lab Barry brings up Catlin then
Harry says something like
"I feel guilty to what Eath 1 Harrison Wells did'
then he tells Barry
"I'm gonna help you gain your speed back"
Barry Replies "How"
Harry replies back "We're going to make a particle accelerator"
So yeah, there is probably going to be a new devastation in Central City with a new particle accelerator. I also did like when Wally at the end thanked The Flash for saving his life.I was kind of hoping that there would be lightning that would hit the roof shocking them both and give them both the speed force.

I will give this episode a 9 out of 10. Let me know in the comments below what did you think of the episode tonight.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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