With the new Xmen Apocalypse trailer coming out it is jammed with a lot of stuff you may have missed especially with the end scene, I have some things that I am a little confused due to Days of Future Past.
So here we go ....

Xavier's school for gifted looking quite full since we last saw it.I wonder if Cyclops and Jean Grey are in here.

Mystic talking to Charles about how if there is no war doesn't mean there is peace.

This shot just looks stunning of the pyramid.This is possible further back in the past.

Poe Dameron, I mean Apocalypse being healed or given more immortality ?

Apocalypse taking people's lives who I can not tell If they are mutants or not.

Awesome shots of all the Horsemen.In the last one (bottom right) I believe that this is right before the fight goes down in Egypt.There is also a shot of Charles who says "Erik, don't join them"

Magneto replies to what Charles saw in the previous shot this time there was a flash back hugging who seems to be quicksilver.He says something along the lines of "Whatever you think you saw in me, I buried it with my family'.This might mean that he thinks that his family is dead.

Destruction.The thing about this movie is that the steaks are kind of gone with the epilouge in Days of Furture Past and Deadpool showed us that the present day world is fine!

Cerebro.Correct me if im wrong but I never remebered there being the blue lights on it.

Charles V Apocalypse

Best and Mystic talking about how Charles has been captured which does add up as in the main fight in Egypt does not have him present.In another shot they are also discussing about getting the new X men.

Nightcrawler meets Mystice and kind of overwhelmed.

Quicksiver reveals to Mystic that Magneto is his Father.


A nice shot of the young Xmen.I dont know about you but I am really looking foward to the younger Xmen learning to use their powers and to do things that the orginals didn't.

Letting losse on your powers... umm..... seems to work effectivly

Mystic looking a little scared

I am really looking foward to Phylock.I dont know too much about the charcetr but she looks super badd ass.

This explosion is going on in the school but doesnt it disturb you that there are kids in this shot.But this entire shot is going in slow motion that is why I think that this next shot of Quicksilver is connected with this.So Im pretty sure that the kids are saved.

This is that shot of Quicksilver Im talking about.

Jubilee, who is a new charcetr being introduced.

Mystic telling the young Mutants that they are not students anymore.BUT THEY ARE XMEN!

Mystic thniking that Cyclops and Jean Grey took out all these, what appears to be guards.Scott replies "We had a little help"


this is so cool how they showed him in this trailer like civil war did for spiderman.I dont think that Wolverine will have a big role but possibly like a scene ot two but hopefully it will be bigger than the First class scene.

Ok that was the trailer break down but first I want to discuss Wolverine.So Im guessing that this is the Wolverine in the 80's (which is when this movie is based) but what happend to him when the 2014 distopiont present, because Wolverine from Days of Future past went into his younger 70's body.
Last time we saw the Wolverine in the past he was pulled from the water but when is his back story going to be in the timeline.This universe's timeline is so confusing!
Well thats my breakdown of the Trailer.Let me know in the comments below what you thought of the trailer.As always thnaks for reading, take care.


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