Season 4 Episode 23:
The season finale of Arrow was great, the flashbacks ended very well and the whole Darhk storyline.

The episode started off straight from last week like the Flash did, with Danium Darhk going to attack Felicity, Donna, and Curtis.Arrow and Spartan stopping him.Darhk then steals the Rubicon laptop so now he has access to all of the world's nukes.The first nuke is going to hit Star City in 2 hours and everyone is terrified.But then Curtis says to Oliver that when he and his partner were going to leave Star City they saw the Green Arrow on the news and that gave them hope that their home was worth fighting for.

Shortly after Felicity and Curtis manage to find the nuke heading towards Star City and using a highly advanced camera they manage to stop it from hitting the city and also copied the computer inside the hack the other nukes.So then Oliver gets into the streets of Star City and jumps on top of a taxi where he gives a meaningful speech on hope.Back at the Arrow Cave it gets attacked by the Ghost who team Arrow fights back and Merlin comes in as well and teams with team Arrow.They now get a plan which is for Arrow to kill Danium, Diggle and Lyla keep the people safe and for Thea and Merlin to guard Felicity and Curtis who will be disarming the rest of the nukes in a warehouse that thy located using the computer from the previous nuke that was heading towards Star City.

The plan goes well, Felicity and Curtis manage to reverse the nukes to head into the horizon.Oliver then has a fight with Danium Darhk which spills out onto the streets and the citizens of Star City start throwing rocks at Darhk and then some of his Ghost Soldiers come in and now t is an epic showdown of the Citizens of Star City fighting against Darhk's soldiers.At the end of that fight, Oliver manages to repel his magic and kills him.The episode ends with Thea, Diggle, nd Quintin leaving team Arrow only leaving Oliver and Felicity.

Overall this episode was great but before I wrap up let's try and pitch the Arrow team for season 5...

  • Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
  • Felicity Smoak/Overwatch
  • Evelyn Sharp/Black Canary
  • Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific
Evetually Thea and Diggle will come back. But where did Diggle go with his military uniform? back on service?

My favorite part of the episode was the end fight scene of  Green Arrow vs Danium Darhk who revealed that he was part of the League of Assassins. I would like to know what was your favorite part of the episode by dropping a comment below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

I wonder what might happen to Arrow in terms of what happened on the Flash?
My name is Robert Queen and I am the Green Arrow!

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