This is a great film so let's get started.The movie starts off in 1991 showing The Winter Soldier being brainwashed by a specific set of words being spoken to him.Then sent on a mission.The mission started off with Bucky shooting a car, opening the trunk and pulling out a briefcase containing some blue packages.Marvel Studios logo.Then we cut to present day with Wanda drinking some coffee at a cafe in Nigeria and talking to Captain America on a com about some police guards.Natasha is sitting two tables away from Wanda and joining in on the conversation via the  com.We then see Steve look out a window and he spots a garbage truck rampaging through the city.He then gets Falcon's Red-Wing drone to scan the vehicle and before you know it, it flips over and crashes into a facility.Two trucks follow in behind it with soldiers stepping out and also Crossbones does a well.A fight breaks out between the soldiers and the Avengers.This new team is showing  a lot of teamwork and skill.Crossbones then steals this chemical vile and leaves.Cap chases after him into a densely populated area where they have a fight and Cap has Rumlow pinned to the ground and he says something like this "I'm bringing you down with me." Cap then backs away and Crossbones exploded but the blast is contained by Scarlet Witch using her magic and she manages to lift him into the air but she can't contain it and then BOOM! a part of a building is in flames.

Then we cut to young Tony Stark with his parents and he is saying "bye I love you."To his parents and then we see the present day Tony in the Background and he says "That's how I wish it went down"Then everything fades away revealing that it was all a hologram on a stage in front of a crowd.Tony gives a speech and says 'I will fund all of you projects." then he just walks off.He goes backstage to find a woman she hands Tony a photo of her son and she says "he died in Sokovia, he was helping to build sustainable housing on his summer holiday."Tony was like yeah crap maybe we aren't saving people the way we should.Back at Avengers HQ, Steve is in his room watching some news about devastation which had 11 Wakandans killed and then he goes to Wanda's room where she is sitting on her bed watching the news and she says "Its all my fault."Then Vision phases through the wall and he says "Mr. Stark is here with the Security of State".They all go and Thunderbolt Ross is showing all the Avengers the devastation of all of the past events.Within them, we see that shot from the Avengers when Hulk is jumping on the building and then a bunch of debris falls on the person who was filming that footage, I was like yeah we were rooting for the Hulk but someone died under him.Ross hands the Avengers the Sokovia accords that 117 countries approved of which is for the Avengers to work under the control of a UN panel.The Avengers start arguing about whether or not to sign this.Steve and Tony both make really great points with Steve saying "what if they send us somewhere we should be" but then Steve gets a text message saying "she's in her sleep"We then are in London where Steve is at Peggy's funeral.Sharon Carter then says a speech of how she stood up for what she believed in and yeah she did as seen in the Agent Carter Tv series.Then we cut to a man looking out at a window and a guys car has broken down.The man walks to the house saying if he could have helped but then a knocks the guy in the house out and steals the book and he reveals that he is Zemo.Over at the UN Natasha meets T'Chaka and T'Challa and she is getting ready to sign the accords as Tony,Rhodes, and the Vison already have.Then a white van is outside and police are backing people away and then T'Challa sees this and Shouts "GET DOWN!" BOOM! This explosion was huge and it killed T'Chaka and T'Challa is super upset.Later on, the News some security footage showed that the parson that placed the van was Bucky.So everyone is after Bucky.Steve is with Sam in London and he says "we've gotta find him before anyone else does" So they go off to Berlin and Steve is in Bucky's crappy apartment where he picks up a book and Bucky is behind him.Cap says "people are coming for you need to get out here" then FBI soldiers come out from everywhere and Bucky is nearly killing these guys but Cap is stopping both sides from killing each other.Bucky manages to get on a rooftop when BLACK PANTHER come out and kicks his ass.Cap then follows creating a chase scene when it comes to a halt when the three are surrounded by security cars.Black panther takes off his mask revealing that he is T'Challa and then War Machine comes in and says to Cap "Congratulations your officially a criminal."Cap then surrenders and Bucky is arrested and Sam And Steve's gear is confiscated.At a facility in Berlin Steve and Tony talk about the situation and both make really good arguments.Then Tony reveals to Steve that he has Vision not letting Wanda out of the Avengers facility and Steve is furious by this and he shouts "SHES JUST A KID!".We then cut to Bucky being interrogated by Zemo and Steve and Sharon watching over the security camera is a little suspicious about Zemo.Then and then a package is being delivered to a man at a power grid and the package is some sort of electrical bomb which powers down the whole of Berlin.So the cell opens up for Bucky and Zemo reads the words to turn Bucky into the Winter Soldier.So then the Winter Soldier goes crazy, has a fight with Steve and security guards and Tony.But then he tries to leave in a helicopter but Steve is pulling it back but then it crashes into the water.Steve pulls Bucky out of the water and along with Sam they go to a warehouse.Bucky is in an arm clench and he wakes up.Steve ask him if he remembers him and he does and he then tells to Steve and Sam that he is not the only Winter Soldier and that there are more.Sam says that he knows a guy that can help them.Back at the Avengers facility Vision is cooking some food and Wanda tastes it and then she says that that she's going to get something from the store but Vision doesn't allow her to and she is kind of angry.Then there is a fire outside of the Avengers facility and Vision goes to investigate.Hawkeye then comes and tells Scarlet Witch that cap needs out help so she goes with him but Vision comes back and has a fight with hawkeye but then Scarlet Witch pins Vision to the ground with her magic and the gem turns red and she then throws him 38 feet into the ground and then Clint and Wanda escape but Clint says "We've gotta pick up someone else."The battle lines are drawn here.

Tony says to Natasha we've got to bring Cap in.Natasha says we have T'Challa downstairs that can help us but Tony is like I know another person.We then cut to a boy with an old DVD player walk into an apartment where his Aunt is on a couch talking to someone.The man turns around and says "peter I'm here for that thing that you applied for."Peter is like 'oh yeah that thing."Tony and peter go into Peter's room who has like Windows 98 computer.Peter is like "I don't know what you're here about because I didn't apply for anything"Tony says I know you have spider powers and shows off some video clips of him on his phone in a really crappy suit.Peter is like "that's not me but where did you find it like on youtube or" Tony then looks around his room and finds his crappy suit then he's like "How would you like to go to Berlin" Peter says "But I've got homework."Then we cut to Team Cap in a parking garage in outside Berlin.He then meets Scott Lang and opens up their trunk with all the gear that he got from Sharon Carter earlier.Their plan is to get into the quinjet which is in an airport hanger so they can go find the other Winter Soldiers but they are opposed by Stark and Zemo.Everyone gears up and Stark evacuates the airport.Cap then runs into the airport and then Iron Man, War Machine, Black Widow and Black Panther surround him.Then Spiderman comes in takes Cap's shield like in the trailer.But then Pow Ant-Man was on the Shield and punched Spidey.Scott then hands the shield back to Cap.Tony then scans the airport and finds Bucky and Falcon together and separately Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye.Iron Man goes for Wanda and Clint,Cap and Scott take on War Machine and Black Panther and Spidey goes for Falcon and Winter Soldier.Team Cap manages to get a little closer to the quinjet but then Vision comes along and lasers the ground in front of them.Team Cap comes to a halt and Team Iron Man are standing in front.So then they start walking then running and BAM! the battle has begun.This is one of the best action sequences in a film I have ever seen.Cap goes up against Iron Man we see Black Panther vs Bucky, Widow vs Hawkeye this is a crazy fight.Scarlet Witch is using her magic to throw cars at everyone.Ant-Man rides on Hawkeye's arrow and goes inside Iron Man's armor and starts destroying things.Spiderman was webbing everyone, it was crazy.Then Cap is like "we're gonna need a big distraction." Scott then says I have and idea it might work or tear me in half so then Ant-Man jumps onto War Machine and then tampers with some tech on his suit and then presses the button  GIANT MAN! This was so cool he grabs war Machine and starts waving him like an action figure.He then grabs a wing of a plane and throws it at Vision.Spiderman then says "hey remember that really old movie empire strikes back" Rhodes is like "how old is this guy?" Pete then says "That part with the big walking things on the ice planet I have an idea."Spidey then webs around Giant Man's legs and he falls over and then switches back to regular size.Also, Balck Panther is great in this fight when he went up against Hawkeye, hawkeye said "I don't think we've met before, I'm Clint"Black Panther replies "I don't care."this was a great moment as it shows how different this character is and how he is like no quips.Cap and Bucky Start running towards the quinjet and then vision cuts down the control tower beside the hanger blocking the change but Scarlet Witch manages to hold it with her powers.Cap and Buck are outside the jet where Black Widow is in front of them but then she decides to hold back Balck Panther behind them and let them go.The quinjet flies of and Iron Man and War Machine are trying to stop them and Falcon is trying to stop them stopping them.So then he calls Vison who is comforting Wand to take out falcon, but falcon dodges the Blast and it hits War Machine who tumbles straight to the ground.The rest of Team cap is arrested and put into a prison in the middle of the ocean and Rhodes is nearly paralyzed.Tony then visits the prison  and Clint say to Tony "You just have to stab everyone in the back" and Scott also says "Hank always said to never trust a stark!"Tony replies"who are you."ask Falcon where Steve and Bucky went because he said that he has a lead on Zemo and knows that Bucky didn't blow up the UN.

Tony suits up and goes to a snowy Hydra base in Russia where he meets up with Cap and Bucky and teams up with them to take on Zemo.They find the other Winter Soldiers dead and then they hear Zemo over a speaker and then he plays a clip of the mission that Bucky went on in 1991 and in that car was Mr. and Mrs. Stark who Bucky killed.Tony then asked Steve if he knew about his and he said yes.Steve then said he was under the control of Hydra.Tony is then really pissed and gives it Bucky.They all are fighting and it looks amazing.Back with Zemo, he is listening to a recorded message from his wife (who was killed in Sokovia) and he is about to shoot himself then T'Challa comes along and says "Vengeance is not the way." and stops him from shooting himself.Meanwhile, the greatest showdown is going on with Steve and Bucky Tag-teaming on Tony who tears the Winter Soldiers metal Arm off and he's sidelined.So now it is
Rogers vs Stark.
Steve has Tony pinned to the ground with is helmet off and instead of slicing his face with the shield he slices the arc-reactor.The fight is over.Tony then says to cap "You don't deserve that shield
So then Cap drops it and leaves with Bucky.The movie ends with Stan Lee giving Tony a letter from Steve and it says why he did what he did.But the last scene is Sam in his prison cell and Steve approaching it.

The mid credit scene was Bucky being frozen in Wakanda until they could find a way to regain his memories back.Steve was looking out a window with T'Challa.Steve said, "When they know he's here they'll come." T'Challa replies "let them try."and then there is a panning shot of Wakanda with a rainforest and a big statue of a panther.

more credits

The post credit scene has Aunt May patching up Peter's black eye and she asked: "how did you get it?" Pete said back "Steve, he's from Brooklyn."Then she leaves and Peter reveals the spiderman light.

The acting in this film is great with Steve Rogers/Captain America(Chris Evans), Tony Stark/Iron Man(Robert Downey Jr), Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow(Scarlett Johanson), Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier(Sebastian Stan), T'Challa/Black Panther(Chadwick Boseman), Peter Parker/Spiderman(Tom Holland), Sam Wilson/Falcon(Anthony Mackie), Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch(Elizabeth Olsen), James Rhodes/War Machine(Don Cheadle), Sharon Carter/Agent 13(Emily Vancamp), Clint Barton/Hawkeye(Jeremy Renner), Vision(Paul Bettany), Scott Lang/Ant-Man(Paul Rudd) and Zemo(Daniel Bruhl).Tom Holland as Spiderman is the best portrayal of Spiderman I have ever seen.He brings what I love about the character on screen.I really did like Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther bought such a flare to the character and I can't wait to see him in his solo movie.My favorite character was Chris Evans as Captain America.His arch throughout his trilogy has been so strong.The trilogy itself has been better and better with each installment.

Overall this is a really amazing movie I will rate it 9.5 out of 10.This is an amazing way to end the Captain America trilogy but a great way to open up a new phase.The Russo brothers did an amazing job with this film and this is by far my favorite Marvel movie.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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