One of the best Marvel films (probably up until Civil War) I have ever scene.With a shocking twist and some many bad ass action scenes


This film is brilliant the acting, action, story line it was all there.I could watch this film thousands of times over and over and not get board.

The movie picks up from the Avengers and Steve trying to find his place in the modern world.We find ourselves  Steve and Sam meeting each other on a run and Steve is beating Sma by miles and everyrtime he passes him he says "On your left". Natasha picks Steve up and then they go on a Shield mission rescue some agents off a ship hijacked by some terrorist.We see Captain America take out this terrorist like never before.His skills have seemed to improve.We also see Black Widow in action along with Brock Rumlow.Cap successfully takes out all the terrorist and finds Black Widow taking some files off the ship.She says that Nick fury ordered her to but Cap wasn't notified about this side mission so Cap is kind of pissed and loses some trust in Shield.Then Cap has some talks with Pierce then goes with Fury to look at 3 brand new hellicarriers equipped with way more weaponry.Fury who one day try's to get onto a Shield computer and finds that it denies his access.This then leads to that crazy car chase with the police cars and Fury in his SUV utilizing a whole bunch of gadgets.Then the Winter Soldier comes along and blows up Nick Fury's car but he manages to escape.Then Fury  goes to Steve's apartment and gets shot and his last words are to Cap "Don't trust anyone."Then Cap sees the Winter Soldier runs after him then he disappears.Fury's body is in the hospital being operated on then Maria Hill comes in and then the long beep sound comes on and Black Widow flushes into tears.The next day at the Shield HQ Cap is questioned by Pierce about Fury's death but he doesn't say anything as Fury's last words were "DONT TRUST ANYONE."Cap goes off in an elevator has an awesome fight then goes off on his motorbike and visits his museum.

Then Steve and Natasha go to some old military compound.They turn on an old computer which Arnim Zola's conscious is in and he reveals that Hydra has been working inside of Shield for nearly 60 years and has been responsible for the deaths of many important people like Howard and Martha Maria Stark and the Tricarriers's are going to be able to kill many people that are threats to Hydra including Bruce Banner and Stephen Strange.Steve nd Natasha go and find Falcon to get their help, retrieve their suit manage to capture agent Sitwell.Have and awesome highway fight with the Winter Soldier with Black Widow getting shot in the arm.The Winter Soldiers mask falls off revealing Bucky Barnes and Steve sees and is shocked by this but then they have a fight. They get arrested by HYDRA Shield.They manage to escape thanks to Maria Hill.They go with her and meet up who they believed to be dead Nick Fury.They then discuss their plan which is that there is a glass bubble at the bottom of each Hellicarrier and Falcon and Captain America have to place a delicate computer chip in the place where the other delicate computer chips are held, this will give Maria Hill the control over the Helliacrrier's and she can stop them from killing countless millions and then she has to destroy them by assigning the targets to be the other hellicarriers.

They get on with the plan.Cap and Falcon manage to infiltrate the Shield headquarters and says over them speaker about Hydra inside Shield and gives a really awesome speech.Cap and Falcon fly onto the now departing Hellicarrier's and start to take out Hydra agents patrolling them.Cap manages to successfully place the chip.falcon does the same but he has a small chase with some quinjet missiles.They both meet up at the third carrier and then the Winter Soldier steps into play and pulls off Falcons wings and pushes him off.But luckily he had a parachute.Steve runs off to place the chip but then Bucky comes after him.Cap is in the bubble and also the winter soldier is there as well blocking his way.Steve and Bucky then have one hell of a fight and the chip is still not in place.Steve manages to sideline Bucky for a little and puts the chip into place.He then tells Hill over the coms to deploy the targets of the tree carriers now while he is in one.She is upset but she does it anyway.While they are shooting away at each other Alexander Pierec is having a council meeting.The female member of the council stands up  and then manages to pin Pierce to the ground.Then the lady takes off a mask revealing BLACK WIDOW!This was a really cool gadget that she used which could replicate any face.Then Nick Fury comes in on a Helicopter and then he manages to restore his eye under his eye-patch and uses that to access the Shield and hydra files that Black Widow leaks onlineexposing and ending both Hydra and Shield and then Fury kills Pierce.Back on the Carrier Steve and Bucky are still duking it out while it is being obliterated and then Bucky has Steve pinned to the ground.And Steve manages to trigger Bucky's memories back by saying "Finish me.Becasus I'm with you pal, to the end of the line."Cap then falls out of the carrier and into the lake below.Then Bucky pulls Steve out from the lake and onto some land.The movie then ends with Steve waking up in a hosptital bed with Sam beside him reading a magazing and says "On your left."Then we get a samll scene after that with Sam and Steve at Nick Fury's supposed grave which he comes out and ask them if they want to join him on a message to take out the rats of Hydra that didnt sink with the ship.They both decline and then Natasha comes along and hads Steve a file on Bucky and then the film ends with Steve and Sam trying to go find Bucky.

Overall the characters were great with Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johanson), Flacon/Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson), Maria Hill(Cobie Smulders), Agent 13(Emily Vancamp) and Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford).My favorite character overall was Chris Evans as captain America his skills as a superhero was defined and were amazing.The stuff that guy does is awesome he is really a true Superhero.I also really, really loved Scarlett Johanson as Balck Widow.Her character developed so much and we saw her do a lot more cool as spy agent type stuff.

The scenes in this movie were great like the elevator fight with Cap taking on a dozen Hydra soldiers,That street fight with Black Widow vs The Winter Soldier and the Hellicarier end scene with Falcon.Of course, my favorite scene was that end fight with Steve vs Bucky on the Hellicarrier and falcon flying through them all with all those missiles on his back.the stakes and the ticking clock just put me on the edge of my seat.The visual spectacle of the three Hellicariers shooting each other down was so incredible for a solo film but even more crazy for a Captain America film.I also did like the Agenst of Shiedl crossover from this movie.

Overall I love this film and I will reat it 9/10.As always thanks for reading, take care

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