Season 1 Episode 16:

Legends of Tomorrow has been a great show and now we are finally at the finale, so here we go...

 The episode started off with a hologram Rip Hunter dropping off what remains of the team return to May 2016.Rip then leaves and they all go their separate ways.Sarah then finds her Dad at the Arrow Cave sitting at the desk and he breaks the ever so sad news to her about her sister Laurel.This was a really sad moment in the show as it was something I never knew how it was going to be dealt with.Meanwhile, Kendra manages to escape Savage who has been taking her and Carters blood, in WWII and she finds a soldier and she says I've seen that helmet before" and then she takes it off him and writes a note.Then the team comes back together and creates a signal for the Waverider which they then get on.Sarah threatens Rip to save her sister but then he reveals to her that if she stayed not only Laurel would have died she would of as well as her Father Quinten, and then Jackosn knocks over a helmet which is the same Helmet the Kendra wrote in.They then find the letter and head for 1944.

 The team gears up and kicks ass against Savages forces and some Nazis.Firestorm finds a new power which is that he could turn his enemies rifles into a liquid by touching it.The team doesn't manage to rescue Hawkgirl but they do rescue Carter.Vandal Savage then grabs a crate during that battle.The team then gets on the Waverider and finds some security footage of what Savage stole and it is a meteor like the one that hit Him, Kendra and Carter in 1700BC and the one the team found in 1958.Back with present Vandal Savage he goes back to 1958 and finds himself there and gives his past self some of Kendra's and Carter's blood in a little tube.Martin then does some working out with the help of Carter's knowledge by what Vandal told him, they figure out that Savage is going to release the 3 Meteors at different points in time to destroy the world 3 times and change it to be 1700BC.They then figure out the points in time that the metros are going be launched which are 1958,1975 and 2021.The team splits up into pairs with Heatwave and Atom in 1958, White Canary and Firestorm in 1975 and Rip and Hawkman in 2021 which is where Hawkgirl is also held captive.There is only one more thing.Since Vandal Savage can time travel and has been alive in those 3 years that means he is all of those 3 years.However, he is now not mortal and can be killed due to him the radiation he is going to release from as it gave him his powers and it could also revert his powers.

 The pairs go after him and in 1958 Atom and Heatwave kick ass together.Those mutant bird people also come into the fight.Vandal then pours the vial of the Hawk blood he got and poured it on the meteor and then Heatwave freakin burns Vandal Savage with his gun alive.The Meteor starts glowing and Ray has this new tool to shrink it and then the meteor has a mini explosion and disintegrates.Meanwhile, in 1975, Sarah and Firestorm are also kicking ass and Savages goons are there.Firestorm takes care of his forces while White Canary has an epic one on one fight with Savage and at the end, she snaps his neck.Firestorm then uses the power he discovered earlier and turns the meteor into liquid.Then in the future of 2021 Rip and Hawkman free Kendra and they have an epic showdown.Hawkgirl manages to stab Vandal Savage with the only knife that could kill him and then Rip pushes the knife into him deeper and then throws him into some electrical box and he gets toasted.The rest of the team come in from the Waverider and Firestorm and Ray both try their methods but they don't work on the meteor.And then before you know it Rip gets in the Waverider takes the meteor and flies into the sun.On his hot trip, he hallucinates his family.Then he then decides to let go of the Meteor and it goes into the sun.He then gets the team and goes back to 2016.He then tells the team that it has been a pleasure working with them and that they can rejoin him another quest to be timekeepers as the Time Masters were destroyed.First, them team visits their loved ones, Sarah goes to Laurel's grave and she says to Quinten "Laurel was the one that told me to do this and I am going to keep to her what I said."Meanwhile, Martin visits his wife and then Jackson comes in.Martins wife says "I don't want to hold you back and I'll be here when you get back."

 Then we are in 2013 and present day Heatwave talks to Captain Cold and he tells him You are the greatest guy I ever knew.'The he leaves and meets up with Ray and Rip.They go back to 2016, outside the Waverider Rip tells everyone it has been a pleasure.Hawkman and Hawkgirl say that as well to everyone and they decide that they are leaving the team to explore their lives.So know the Legends of Tomorrow now consist of Rip Hunter, Ray Palmer/The Atom, Sarah Lance/White Canary, Mick Rory/Heatwave, Jackson Jefferson/ Firestorm and Martin Stien.But then the wave rider crashes in and everyone gets down.A man in a hood gets out and tells them to not get on the present day Wave rider.The man then reveals that he is Rex Tyler.
The End.

 So this episode was by far my favorite with all the action scenes.My favorite part was the end with Rex Tyler who in the comics is the Hourman.I'll do an explainer tomorrow.Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments and finally, this legendary journey has come to an end.As always thanks for reading, take care.

 Check out Emergency Awesome video on the episode

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