The end of a trilogy that started a universe.But it will live on

            IRON MAN


With Captain America Civil War coming out in days, I am reviewing the movie that has Iron Man going into to other franchises.

This film picks up only a few months after the Avengers.Tony is struggling about what he saw in space which gives him anxiety and his life as Iron Man.This film does dive more into the character of Tony Stark and gives him more of relatable personality.We start in 1999 new years flash back with Tony lying to Aldrich Killian of meeting him on a rooftop in a few minutes but instead does the playboy,billionaire, philanthropist thing and gets it on with a girl.So the Killian is upset then we go to present day where there is a terrorist in the middle east who goes by the name of THE MANDARIN.So Aldrich Killian comes into Stark Industry, smooth talks Pepper Potts and then Happy Hogan is suspicious and follows him and one of his assistant to the Tcl Chinese Theater.The assistant blows up, many die and Happy is injured.the Mandarin is blamed for this bombing.Tony goes to the Hospital was out media is surrounding him then he gives a speech to the Mandarin.He does the dumbest move by threatening him, then giving his home address.So Tony goes home to the amazing Malibu Mansion, he and pepper have a fight then the girl he got it on with, in 99 comes back then Mandarin Helicopters  surround the house and blow it.Pepper and the Girl manage to get out but Tony gets in the latest iron Man suit, Mark 42 and takes out the helicopter.But all his suits and care and all that awesome stuff is destroyed and in the ocean :( .Then Pepper Potts is captured by Aldrich Killian and he takes her a port in Florida.Then Tony finds a kid in Tennesse who gives him some resources and then he goes of Rhodes to find the Mandarin who is actually just an actor.This was a really disappointing moment as one of Iron Man's greatest villains was just ruined, wasted.But getting over that first save the Air Force One and then goes and saves Pepper and now to President who was also captured.The fight at the end was pretty entertaining with Tony calling upon 40 other suits that were in the basement of his mansion, which wasn't hit. just sidelined War machine as he just saved the president and flew away and.Then Pepper almost died,but she didn't, and Aldrich Killian blew up along with all of the remaining Iron Man suits.And then Tony got the Arc reactor removed and lived happily ever after with Pepper.That was at least until Avengers 2.

There were some great parts in this movie and also some not so great parts.My favorite part was when the Malibu mansion crumbled into the water.It looked visually awesome and the sad thing was that all of Tony's assets were wrecked including his first 7 Iron Man armors.But there were also some not so great parts like the Mandarin not being the Mandarin.That was a really big middle finger from Marvel.The character of Aldrich Killian was a little shallow, as his motives were a very weak.Also, the death of Pepper Potts should have played out as it would have driven the character of Tony Stark forward making him feel guilty, and then having to build an A.I named Ultron to help protect the world.

One thing about his movie was the acting with Iron Man/Tony Stark(Robert Downey Jr), Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow), Iron Patriot/James Rhodes (Don Cheadle), Aldrich Killian(Guy Pierce) and The Mandarin (Ben Kingsly).My favorite character was Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark.The character felt more complex and was built up more into a realistic person instead of being a billionaire, philanthropist, playboy.

Overall this movie was ok ill give it a 7/10 .There were good things and also bad things.Well, those were my thoughts let me know in the comments did you like the movie or not?As always thanks for reading, take care.

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