Season 2 Episode 20:

This episode was my personal favorite.

The episode started off with a car chase scene with the Flash and I was questioning myself until then it was revealed that it was a hologram of Barry as the Flash controlled by Barry and Cisco.This was a really cool scene as it showed, yeah the Flash can still live in Central City.Then they manage to capture the car with Holo-barry running circles around them blinding the criminals in the car with the Holo-lightning.They then succeed then harry comes into the room and Cisco has a vibe of his brother and he goes off.He meets his brother at a bar and they talk and then they leave and a new Meta-human, rupture comes along and tries to obliterate the Romon's.Rupture then takes off his helmet and reveals Cisco's brother from Earth 2.

Rupture believes that Cisco killed his Earth-2 doppelganger and he is out for revenge.They manage to get away and go to star labs.Barry then goes off the meet his Dad who is a lodge in the woods and tells him that he lost his speed and that Jay Garrick is Zoom.Then Henry says "My mother's maiden name was Garrick".Then that made me think could Barry's dad on Earth 2 be the man in the Iron Mask?The both of then go back to Central City where the Team has a debate about whether or not to make the particle accelerator explosion again or not.Barry and Iris have a moment and Barry decides to not go under the Particle Accelerator explosion again.Then Zoom comes to the CCPD station where he keeps Catlin hostage and threatens to kill a bunch of cops at a cafe.

Catlin manages to get control of a cell phone and contacts the Team.Jo, Captain Singh, and a dozen police officers are at cafe ready to face zoom and also a camera man is there.Cisco and Barry are in a van ready to create to the hologram but then Rupture comes in and threatens the cops.Zoom comes in and then  kills every single cop except for Jo and Captain Singh and then he kills Rupture.This just explained how cold the character is.Barry is then freaked out by this and decides to go through with undergoing the particle accelerator explosion to regain his powers.Jo puts Wally and Jesse in the reverse flash room and they are just eager to escape.Everything is then setup as Harrison managed to contain the explosion.Cisco is on the roof with the Wizard wand and Barry is in the container and the experiment is going well.Jesse and Wally manage to break out and then the experiment goes completely south.Barry then just EVAPORATES INTO PURE LIGHTNING AND THEN THAT LIGHTNING TRAVELS THROUGH STAR LABS AND HITS WALLY WEST AND JESSE QUICK!This was really crazy as BARRY JUST DIED and we have two new speedsters.That was my favorite part of the episode by far.I am still freaked out by this, like what happened to Barry but NOW WE HAVE WALLY WEST AND JESSE QUICK SPEEDSTERS!

Well, those were my thoughts on the episode.Let me know in the comments below "what did you like about tonight's episode of The Flash? mine was definitely the ending.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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