Season 2 Episode 22:

The second to last episode of season 2 is insane, with the introduction of Katie Cassidy as Black Siren after what happened on Arrow.

The episode starts off with all the Earth-2 Meta-humans attacking everything we see who seems to be like a Hawkman and Hawkgirl in there as well.Barry then saves Joe and then they go back to Star Labs.Barry seems too over confident that they are going to win against Zoom then Cisco comes and reveals that Catlin is back and then they talk to her.we then cut to Mercury Labs where we see Black Siren using her Canary Cry and taking down this building.The Flash then comes and saves people including Dr. Mc'Gee who then says to The Flash "Thanks, Mr. Allen."They then go back to Star Labs where she tells Barry it's not hard to figure out your identity they then manage to find some security footage of the attack and discover about Black Siren.This is actually a thing to note as Laurel's death was never mentioned on the Flash.

Cisco then has a vibe of some dead birds.We then cut back to Black Siren talking to Zoom and saying that The Flash shouldn't be hard to beat.We then cut to Wally taking down a Meta-human with his car and Jo tells him to stop or you'll probably get yourself killed.Then the Flash talks to Wally and tells him to stop and then he gets a call from Cisco about another sighting of Black Siren.Flash leaves and then Wally hears this and takes off in his car.The flash is now facing off against Black Siren and she is kicking his ass.Then Wally comes in and hits her with his car.The Flash gets in, Wally drives for a little bit then The Flash runs out.

Back at Star Labs, everyone has figured out a way to stop all the Earth-2 Meta-Humans by creating a sound barrier at a frequency to which the Earth-2 Meta-Humans would go fall unconscious.The Flash would also have to run around Central City to contain the Barrier.The team figures out the Balck Siren is about to drop a building and then Cisco says ï think I have the worst idea ever!"We then see Black Siren inside a building, she says to herself "I've never taken down soo many buildings."Then there is a voice that says "Your not as powerful as you think.".Killer Forst and reverb are standing behind her, then you realize oh, that's out Earth-1 Catlin and Cisco.They then talk about how they could overthrow Zoom and be Gods themselves.

We cut to Star Labs where we see the team deploying the device to take out the Earth-2 Meta-Humans and Harry and Jesse have their Beats by Harry on.The Flash is running around the city and then we the devices deploys and Meta's from an Earth-2 drop like flies except for Zoom who manages to open up a portal to Earth-2 and goes in.The remaining Earth-2 Meta's are locked up in Iron Hights.The team then has a dinner party at Joe's house and then Cisco has a vibe and sees Central City of Earth 2 cracking apart.He then tells everyone at the table (While they're doing their toast) and says that Earth-2 is cracking apart.Zoom then comes in and takes Henry.Barry then runs after him and Wally is like "WTF."Zoom then takes Henry into his old house into the spot where Nora was killed and then he tells Barry that they are alike.Zoom then puts his hand straight through Henry and Barry cries out "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

This episode was a really great and crazy episode. We saw the introduction of Black Siren, which Katie Cassidy was great, I want to see more of Black Siren, and team Arrow to react to her. Wally is already like a hero, teasing him being Kid-Flash eventually.

My favorite part of the episode was definitely the end as it leads into my theory of the man in the Iron Mask.Those are my thoughts on the episode let me know in the comments what did you think of the episode. As always thanks for reading, take care.

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