joSeason 2 Episode 23:

This was such a great season finale!

The episode started off straight from last weeks with Henery Allen collapsing to the ground while Barry goes over to him and says his final words to him.Zoom then tells him that they are alike.Zoom runs off and Barry chases him throughout the streets of Central City.The Flash has Zoom down he is about to kill him and then another Zoom comes along and kills the Zoom that Barry was about to kill.Then at Henery's funeral, everyone says a few words and you can tell by the expression on Barry's face that he is feeling sad but most of all angry.At night after the funeral, Barry and Iris are talking outside then a blue flash comes past and Barry runs after it.Hunter is standing there and he says to Barry that he wants a race.

Back at Star Labs, the team discusses the race.They then discover Zooms plan which is to power up a device from Mercury Labs which will destroy the multiverse but it needs Barry's and Hunter's speed to work and it can only be done on Earth-1 as it is the only Earth to be able to access all the other Earths.Barry is eager for this plan, too eager so then he and Joe goes and talk.Barry says that he wants Zoom to suffer for all that he has done and then Harry tranquilizers Barry and the team locks him up in a metahuman cell.They all say that they came to an agreement and that Barry should not go.So the team sets off to confront zoom and it goes wrong.Joe ends up getting captured in Zoom's lair with the Man in the Iron Mask.

Joe asks Hunter who he is and then he tells him and us the whole story.Hunter Zolomon got his speed from the Earth-2 dark matter explosion.He was a villain but then got tired of being a villain so he fakes out being a Hero from another Earth named Jay Garick who is from another Earth.Hunter also wanted to become faster so he made the velocity 9 which is killing him.He then stole Barry's speed and is now wanted by the speed demons.He then says that that is him in the Iron Mask and says that he keeps him there as a trophy.

Meanwhile, at star labs, Wally comes in and finds the Flash in the cell and breaks him free.Wally asks where Joe is and they tell him that he is captured by Zoom.Barry then tells everyone that he is going to have the race with Zoom and he tells Hunter that he'll have the race and if he wins they get Joe back unharmed and if he loses that he will kill him.He manages to this with the vibing powers of Cisco.Team Flash goes back to the sight but this time, there is a big version of the machine from Mercury labs.Zoom then brings Joe and Flash and Zoom has the biggest race of the year.A Blue and Red streak gliding across the circle, passing one another.Then the Flash manages to time clone himself and the original rescues Joe while the other disintegrates with the race with Zoom which manages to disrupt the Earths shattering disaster.Zoom then gets taken away by the speed demons and he turns into the Black Flash? So the Team wins and back at Star Labs we see Cisco and Harry taking the Iron Mask off revealing


This was awesome as Barry freaked out and then later he got his whole suit back and put on the helmet in his full glory.He did say that he was from Earth 3.LAter on Harry and Jesse say their goodbye's to team Flash as they are going back to Earth-2, Jay then goes with them to help them get back.This was a nice moment to see as these characters have been on this journey together.Later on at Earth-1, Joe's house everyone is sitting down watching TV when Barry goes outside.Iris follows him and he tells her that he can't be with her as he is broken and needs to put himself back together.They then Kiss and says "I love you" to each other and Barry runs off.HE runs so fast that we see the blue portal open up and then We see his old childhood home and Nora is inside and the alternate future 2020 Flash is fighting the Reverse Flash.The older Flash saves young 11-year-old Barry and before Reverse Flash murders Nora out present day season 2 Flash STOPS REVERSE FLASH FROM KILLING NORA!


Overall this was a great episode.My favorite part was by far the end with the flashpoint happening.I was also really stoked about the revealing of Jay Garrick and that suit looked awesome.So now we also have Barry Allen as the Flash on Earth-1
                Jesse Quick as the Flash on Earth-2
                Jay Garrick as the Flash on Earth-3
There's is also Supergirl's Earth and the Movieverse. It could also be possible that Earth-3 is the 90's Flash tv show verse. I will give the season finale, 'The race of his life' an 8.7 out of 10.
Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

Hunter didn't actually die, he just became the Black Flash
But Bruce Wayne is now dead
Wonder Woman and Aquaman now hate each other
and where is Superman?
Well just have to wait till Season 3.

Ohh the wait

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