The movie starts off in Ancient Egypt with four horsemen protecting Apocalypse while transferring bodies.But the pyramid they are in starts to crumble and the four horsemen are fighting some guards that have turned on them.The horsemen all die but thankfully one of them puts a force field around Apocalypse for him to survive the crumbling pyramid.

We then cut all the way through the X doors to Ohio in 1983 where z young Scott Summers is having trouble with his eyes in class.he goes to a bathroom then a bully starts pounding on Scott's stall and then he unleashes his full eye blast of fury around the bathroom.Meanwhile, in Berlin, a young Angle is in a cage fight and just after defeating Blob and he goes off against a young Nightcrawler.Raven then shows up to the place and she turns off the electric fences and breaks Nightcrawler out and Angle gets away.Meanwhile, in Poland we find Erik and he works in a factory and has a wife and a daughter.Back in Egypt, we find Moria exploring the awakening of Apocalypse which sends a tremor around the world.The tremor in Poland causes some machinery to fault in the factory that Erik works at which leads him to use his powers in order to save a worker.Everyone at the place sees this.Erik and his wife are going to leave as his powers were exposed but then they tried finding their daughter who was nowhere to be seen.They then go into the forest where some soldiers are there with her daughter and confront Erik of his past crimes of being Magneto.They then hand back his daughter and Erik gives himself up.His daughter then shouts for her dad and her mutant abilities activate and she controls all the birds in the forest to attack the soldiers but one soldier accidentally lets go of his arrow in his bow which kills Erik's wife and daughter.We see the emotional grief on his face and then the locket that his daughter was wearing, he controls it and murders all of the soldiers with it.This gets all on the news and Quicksilver sees this (still in his mom's basement) and tells his mom that he is going to go after him.Back in Egypt Apocalypse roams the streets, finds a young Storm(who's hero is Mystique) who he brainwashes and goes off to find his 3 other horsemen.Back in Berlin Raven and Nightcrawler find this post shop for mutants and they try to get Nightcrawler to safety but instead they just use Nightcrawlers powers to get to X-Mansion.Also at X-mansion Havoc is taking his younger brother Scott on a tour with Beast and Charles.Raven and Charles have a chat about Erik and how they need to find him before anyone else does.

Back with Apocalypse and Storm, they find Physlock at the Mutant post shop and thy recruit her and they also find Angle who Apocalypse turns his wings into metal.Over in Polan Erik is about to murder all of his co-workers that reported him to the officers but then Apocalypse and the 3 horsemen come and Apocalypse murders all of his workers.And that is the story of the 4 horsemen of 83.Meanwhile in X-mansion Cyclops,Jean,Jubilee and Nightcrawler go off to a mall and watch Return of the Jedi.Charles also invited over Moria to the mansion however he erased her mind of her memories of what happened in First Class.Charles is using Cerebro to try to find Erik but then Apocalypse comes into his mind and starts taunting him and giving him visions of the end of the world and then Havok destroys Cerebro to stop the pain that Charles is going through and then they are about to take Charles to the med bay, Apocalypse shows up,Magneto uses his powers to take Charles in his wheelchair and then Havok is about to go full havoc.But then outside the mansion, everything slows down as Quicksilver rocks on up.He then rescues Hank,Moria, and Raven, takes them outside, however the blast is still getting bigger and he goes around the mansion saving everyone is a fun casual manner.Out of Quicksilver mode, the whole mansion explodes and then the young mutants are back from the mall and Cyclops is asking for his brother Havok and Quicksilver says "I'm pretty sure I saved everyone." But he didn't.Havok sadly dies in the blast.Then a military helicopter shows up and shoots some sort of device which makes all the students and teachers go night, night.Cyclops,Jean, and Nightcrawler were exploring the wreckage so they didn't get caught.The military squad led by William Striker, takes Raven,Beast,Moria and Quicksilver and then the Jean and Cyclops use Nightcrawlers ability to sneak into the helicopter and Jean uses her mind tricks to make her,Scott and Kurt invisible.

The captured mutants are in a prison at a military base. and Hank is blue and the young mutants are trying to break the others out.They then come across a sort of cell and they hear some grunting sounds.Jean then lets whatever is in there out and it is a man with some denim shorts, I'm in the theater just like "ITS WOLVERINE!"on and he goes crazy on the military guards and that is one hell of a bad ass scene.Before he leaves Jean then gives him some past memories and then he runs off into a snowy forest.Cyclops then says ironically "Well I guess that's the last we'll see of him."Meanwhile, apocalypse then manages to get through to using Charles's powers to make militaries around the world deploy all their nukes into space and then he gets him to tell everyone around the world to fear Apocalypse.Jean then hears the real Charles under this and  they learn that he is in Cairo and that Apocalypse is going to transfer to his body.The team then breaks free and suits up in some military aircraft suits and go Egypt.Apocalypse uses his powers to turn buildings into sand which turn into metal and build a pyramid.The team lands and the plan are for Moris to stay on the ship, Quicksilver and Mystique to stop Magneto,Beast,Jean and Cyclops to stop Physlock and Storm while Nightcrawler goes into the pyramid to rescue Charles.The plan goes well with an epic fight of Beast vs Physlock and Nightcrawler has a brawl with Angle before rescuing a now bald (from the body transition) Charles and takes him into a building.Apocalypse still has control within his head and they show this in a physical way within their heads.Meanwhile, Mystique and Quicksilver are trying to get through to  Erik and Peter doesn't tell him that he is his father.We also see Storm in action and she goes up against Cyclops who unleashes the full fury of his powers.Within Charles's head, he is trying to give out a telepathic connection to Jean who comes into this physical head dream/connection with Apocalypse.Mystique and Quicksilver then get through to Magneto and he turns on Apocalypse.Mystique then fights apocalypse and has her by the neck and then Storm see's her hero stand up against Apocalypse and she turns sides and uses her lightning to attack apocalypse.Well for the other 2 horsemen,Physlock and Angle run away.With the other mutants, Mystique has passed out and Quicksilver has broken his leg.In the psychological,mental fight Jean unleashes her Phionex energy and it kills Apocalypse within Charles's mind and Apocalypses physical body gets obliterated.

The film ends with Jean and Erik using their abilities together to rebuild the X-Mansion.Charles and Erik have a few words and Erik leaves.We then get to see a new X-Men team lead by Charles and Raven nd it consists of Beast,Quicksilver,Storm,Cyclops,Jean Grey and Nightcrawler.

The post-credit scene is a man in a business suit going around the military base from before while other soldiers are clearing up and he takes some tubes with the label 'Weapon X' and he puts them in a briefcase labeled 'Essex".This was a nice way to show that the Weapon X program hasn't gone away and it is a tease for Mr. Sinister.

This movie was great a lot of that has to do with the casing of Charles Xavier (James McAvoy), Mystique (Jenifer Lawrence), Magneto(Micheal Fassbender), Beast(Nicholas Hoult), Jean Grey(Sophie Turner), Cyclops(Tye Sheridan), Nightcrawler(Kodi Smit-McPhee), Storm(Alexandra Shipp), Jubilee(Lana Condor), Physlock(Olivia Munn),Havok(Lucas Till),Angle(Ben Hardy),Moria (Rose Byrne) and Apocalypse(Oscar Issac).My favorite character though was Quicksilver.Evan Peters has done an amazing job with this character and I can't wait to see more of him.I really did like the storyline of Magneto in this film.

My favorite part of the film was by far the Quicksilver scene in the mansion.It topped the last one and it had a great mix of Action and Humor.

Overall this was a great film and it has been getting a lot a criticism and I do see how with the villain.I will give this film a 7.5 out of 10.I can't wait for more X-Men films, I want like another X-Men film set in the 90's.This was a great film let me know if you liked it in the comments below.As always thanks for reading,take care.

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