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The film starts off with the turtles taking some pizza, watching basketball and just being themselves.Don then takes a call and he is talking to April O'Neil who is disguised and is investigating Baxter Stockman who has been working with Shredder.April manages to find some of his emails which do contain some information that Shredder is going to be broken out if police custody while he is going to be transferred to a prison.The turtles find out about this and get on their way.Meanwhile, we find a police officer, Cassey Jones escorting 3 criminals to a prison who are,Shredder, Rocksteady, and Bebop.On the road, the Cassey is attacked by the foot clan.The turtles then come in with their van and they use the manhole covers which was awesome! The foot clan manages to rescue shredder,Bebop, and Rocksteady but then a portal opens up and Shredder is whisked away in it.He then gets greeted by a Brain.KRANG! Krang tells Shredder about his plan  with the techno drone and requests shredder to give him the parts of the Arc-Capacitator.Shredder then accepts and Krang gives him some of the secret ozze.

Later on, Cassey Jones is being asked about what he saw and then he gets fired.He goes to try to find Bebop and Rocksteady.Meanwhile, April is doing detective work and finds Baxter Stockman helping Shredder using the ozze on Bebop and Rocksteady turning them into the more recognizable Warthog and Rhino.They explained why they turned into the animals as they are as every human has some animal ancestry or gene that is activated.April manages to steal some of the ozze and gathers some information and escapes.She is then being chased by some foot soldiers and then Cassy Jones saves her.The turtles come in and then they all meet.Back at the sewers, Cassy learns that the van that saved his life earlier were the turtles.April then gives the ozze to Donatello who test a little bit of it on his hand and it could turn them into humans.he tells Leonardo and Mickey overhears this, Mickey tells Raphael and the brothers have a debate along with Master Splinter.Leo and Donny go to find a piece of the Arc-Capacitator and Micky goes with Raphael and they join with April, Cassey, and Verne to try to get another piece to the capacitor.Leo and Donny go to a museum where they managed to track the piece and it is not there.Meanwhile, with the others, Verne manages to sneak everyone into the police station and then the foot clan shows up, steals the capacitor piece, Leo and Donny save their brothers but then the police confront them.April and Cassey are captured and the turtles manage to sneak away.The turtles track down the last piece of the Capacitor in Brazil and then that is where they go.they manage to sneak onto a plane.They then use their sweet gear and jump out of their plane onto another plane where they have a showdown with Bebob and Rocksteady which is awesome.The partners in crime get the piece and travel back to New York.After falling down a waterfall the turtles also get back home.

Meanwhile, Verne manages to let April and Cassey free from the police and then they convince them that the turtles are good guys.Back with Shredder and his friends they put the pieces of the Ar-Capacitator together to open the portal to dimension X.But then Shredder gets some Foot Soldiers to take away Baxter.Shredder then gets Karai to guard the Arc Capacitor and gets Bebop and Rocksteady to hold of the Police.Shredder goes up to the techno drone which is building itself and meets Krang (who is in his suit) and krang freezes Shredder and puts him in his collection.The Turtles come back and meet with the police and them conceived them that they are the good guys.The Brothers go up to the techno drone while Cassey is taking down Bebop and Rocksteady in a parking lot and April along with Vern are going to stop the Arc Capacitor.The turtles have an amazing fight with Krang and they work as a team, brothers.Cassey manages to stop Rocksteady and Bebop by trapping them in a cargo container and April stops Karai by throwing a box at her?The Capacitor turns off and techno drone starts going back into dimension X along with Krang.The film ends a week later with April O'Neil doing a news report and it still seems like the world still doesn't know the turtles exists.

Overall this was a grand improvement from the last film.the turtles looked better, I did feel that there were a little too many aspects in the film.I did love the cast of the film they were great, Leonardo(Johnny Knoxville), Michael Angelo(Noel Fisher), Donatello(Jeremy Howard), Raphael(Alan Ritchson), April O'Neil (Megan Fox), Cassey Jones (Stephen Amell),Vernon Fenwick (Will Arnett), Shredder(Bian Tee),Bob(Gary Anthony Williams), Sheamus(Rocksteady), Baxter Stockman(Tyler Perry) and Karai(Brittany Ishibashi) I will give this movie 6 out of 10.I did feel the Shreeder didn't have o be there or that Krang could of been cut out of this film and only of been teased so he would come in the next one. 

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