So it is finally time to do this.I am so sorry for the long wait but here we are.If you haven't seen the Justice League trailer watch it here.
 So Bruce Wayne is in what seems to be at Amnesty Bay which is the city Aquaman comes to when he comes from Atlantis.Bruce said that he brings Fish for the hungry in winter and comes on the king tide.So it does kind of show Arthur's heart, that he hasn't given up on humanity like every other hero we have seen in this universe.
Jason Mamoa as Arthur Curry is awesome.The guy looks so menacing when he doesn't talk at all.Hopefully, he's kind of kept that way in the Justice League film.
Here are some Vikings type people that are burying a mother box.Darkside attempted to come to Earth like 5000 years ago in the DCEU but he was fought off by the Amazonians and the Atlantians.He also left 3 Motherboxes, one with the Amazonians, one with the Atlantians and here is the third.I am guessing this is the one used on Cyborg.
An awesome shot of Wonder Woman.It looks like she is at that place that we see on the thumbnail of the trailer.He shield does look as tough it has been hit with some laser as it does have some glowing red on it.The reason why Diana may not be fighting this thing is that it could be Superman brought back and he is evil, however, Diana does know this and just thinks it is Superman.It seems as tough she doesn't have a suit change.
This shot of Aquaman going back to probably Atlantis is so awesome.It seems as tough Arthur is manipulating water although it could just be great timing.
Here is a shot of Victor Stone.I believe we are going to get a flashback of him before he becomes Cyborg.We can see that he is wearing a Jacket that has the letters, GCU standing for Gotham city University.I know it would be just to tie up the characters closer but if you are a brilliant scientist, why in the world would send your son to Gotham.
This is Barry's lair.We see a whole bunch of screens everywhere.It is most likely that this is his personal Flash lair as I am sure his forensic office would be in the Central City police station.
"More more? or more less?"
"Probably more less"
"He said no"
Wow, a joke this is so nice to see in this DCEU.It really dows display the lighter tone the film is carrying since the critical response of Batman V Superman.
Arthur pinning up Bruce to the wall.it looks like this is what happens after the joke at the end of the trailer.

Bruce and Barry meeting.It does remind me of Tony and Peter in Civil War which was a great scene.We can see that Bruce is not wasting time and wants to get straight to the point by throwing a Batarang at Barry to tempt his speed.If you look at the lightning Barry produces while in superspeed, it is blue, but it doesn't come off him it kind of just surrounds him.The speed that Barry has is very fast.It seems faster than the CW Flash and it does seem a little like the X-Men Quicksilver.

This is a small peek at Batman's new suit.The lighting makes it a little hard to see but it does seem as though there is a slight blue tint in the shoulder.Also looking in the background it seems that this place Batman has come to is the same place seen in the thumbnail for the trailer and where we saw Wonder Woman earlier.
Another shot of Wonder Woman in the same shot we saw her in before and where Batman is.She is possibly going up against a para demons or Superman.
This is the first clear image of Cyborg we have seen.He looks so great.I love the blue light in his forehead instead of the red, just to break it up a bit.We can also see that the suit does look very sharp as in there are a lot of Heaxonganal type pieces on the shoulders.This scene also seems to take place as the place the league is at in the thumbnail and the previous two shots before of Bryce and Diana.
This is a much closer look at this new DCEU flash suit.We see that it looks brighter than the CW and it seems to be made out of some metal substance.It definitely does remind me of the Injustice suit.I believe in a press conference in England where all the other Justice League news was dropped, it was revealed that Barry had to steal some parts from NASA to build this suit with materials that wouldn't burn up.but I love this suit.This scene also looks like it is taking place at the same location as the thumbnail and the previous 3 shots before it.
This is a shot of Arhtur going back to Atlantis.It looks like he may be having second thoguhts on joinin the League.
Thumbnail.It appears that the Justice League is in the same place where the shots of these 4 heroes were before.I have a small theory, so possible spoilers.
Ok so I believe that these 4 heroes are in a para-demon base, In the same base is Superman, he's alive again, however, he is evil, under the control of Steppen Wolf.Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and the Flash are going to fight him, but they get their asses handed to them.But then Aquaman comes in and saves the team.

"I'm really and it's useful!" This is such a bad ass line from batman.It is so cool to see a Batman that we all deserve amongst gods.Here we do get a closer look at Batman's suit which looks similar to the Batman V Superman suit only that there is some blue tint.
"Arthur Curry, I hear you can talk to fish."This is such an awesome joke.I love how Aquaman's powers are so silly but hopefully, in this film, his powers are made fun of but they save everyone at the end of the day.But wait is that Santa in the back.
This title looks so cool.I can't wait for Justice League know.I am so sorry this took a long time to make,I will have a Doctor Strange trailer breakdown out soon and I need to catch up on everything.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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