As we get closer to Avengers Infinity war we are seeing a whole bunch of new faces popping up all over the MCU.And as actors contracts are expiring it is safe to assume that I phase 4 the Avengers team is going to be very different.With the amount of new characters coming into the MCU, I am going to pitch the Phase 4 Avengers team

Captain America

This is going to be the Bucky Barnes Captain America.Chris Evans contract is done after Infinity war so it Steve is ,out likely going to hand the shield down to his good old pal, Buck.Having The Winter Soldier be Captain America would be great to see, as it is  huge arch from the comics.Sebastian Stan's contract is a 9 picture deal and he has only done 3 movies, so there are definitely many great stories to tell.Bucky would not get his own solo film as we already have had the Captain America trilogy and it just wouldn't be right to have a Bucky Barnes Captain America trilogy of films.That wouldn't stop him from appearing in others films, though.

Captain Marvel

Brie Larson has been confirmed to play Captain Marvel in the MCU starting off in Avengers Infinity war and then going into her own film.She will most likely get her own trilogy of films unless her first film is a flop which I'm sure it won't be.Captain Marvel will be one of the MCU's most powerful heroes like Thor and Hulk level, so she will definitely need to be a core member of the new Avengers.

Doctor Strange

The first Doctor Strange film is coming out in November and it looks like one mystical timeless film.Stephen Strange will have a large knowledge of a lot of mystical threats the Earth may be facing so that would make him and exceptional member of the team.Doctor Strange will be getting his own trilogy of films unless his first film is a flop which it is looking like it won't but though.

Black Panther

After debuting in Civil War the King of Wakanda is set to get his own film in 2018 and is the last film before Infinity War.It is not clear how much of T'Challa's film will tie into Avengers Infinity War but he will most likely get his own trilogy of films, that's of course again unless the first film is a flop.Black Panther is a very wealthy person in the MCU and he will most likely be the new person to pay for everything,design everything and make everybody look cooler.


After Debuting in Civil war, Spiderman is back to being an A-list superhero.Spiderman is set to have his own film next summer, Spiderman Homecoming.This will most likely set up a trilogy of films which are set to take a page from Harry Potter and every film will be a new year at school for Peter.Tom Holland has done a great job on portraying the web-slinger so far and will appear in Infinity war and will make a great addition to the new Avengers team.


After a successful first solo film, pulling something big in the civil war and getting another film in 2018, Ant-Man is doing a great job in the MCU despite his different powers.In Civil War, Scott Lang was introduced into the Avengers and went on to be a part of Steve's Secret Avengers Team.In Infinity War Ant-Man/Giant-Man will most likely help out and then go into his own film next year.Ant-Man is relatively a newcomer however Scott Lang may not be on the Avengers time for as long because of Pual Rudd, by the time of the fourth Avengers should have been in 5 movies which I am pretty sure he has a 6 picture deal.


Evangeline Lilly plays Hope Van Dyne in Ant-Man and at the end of the film was going to become the new Wasp.The Wasp has been a core avengers member in the comics and it has been long awaited her entry into the team.Hope van Dyne has been yet to be seen in action as the Wasp and will make her debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp in 2019, if not she might make an appearance in Avengers Infinity War.Hope will make a great addition to the team and will hopefully be around for many great stories to be told.

In conclusion, this team of 7 heroes is very diverse in terms of race, gender, age and powers .These heroes are going to be the new faces of Marvel past Infinity War, there are going to be great heroes I am going to miss but I like how Marvel is rolling these heroes in slowly so that we the fans can get an understanding of these characters on the silver screen before they wipe out a bunch of their old characters.
I'm not expecting everyone to leave but the heroes I think will stay are:

-Tony Stark/Iron Man
-Bruce Banner/The Hulk
-Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
-Steve Rogers/Captain America
-Sam Wilson/The Falcon
-Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

These characters are fan favorites and the actors seem to love playing these beloved characters, and these characters have much more arch they can be a part of.These  heroes may not be a major part in the Avengers films but they may pop up here and there in the other heroes solo films, it would be cool to see Scarlet Witch appear in Doctor Strange for a little scene or Tony Stark appears in Captain Marvel to give advice or supply her with some new toys.

Overall I would love to hear your thoughts on this new Avengers team I pitched and if you have your own idea let me know by dropping a comment below.I would really appreciate if you subscribed to keep up with the latest content here.
As always thanks for reading take care :)

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