In 2006 Marvel Studios was created and only had the rights to all their 'B-List' characters.
In 2008 the first Iron Man film came out and it was an amazing film, 4 years on and 4 films later, in 2012 the Earths mightiest heroes assembled on the big screen for the first time.
The idea of the shared cinematic universe came true Marvel Studios continued to grow with more movies, more franchises along with new heroes.But the thing that Marvel Studios has been working up towards, the supposed end game is Avengers Infinity War.

It was back in 2014 the 2 part film was announced and that Anthony and Joe Russo would be directing the film.Flash forward a year and a couple months later, the film has been cut down to just one film in 2018.

Image result for deadpool and death and ThanosSo Avengers Infinity War will be about Thanos, the purple man in the floating chair, will finally get off his ass and collect the 6 Infinity Stones to claim all the power in the universe and probably end all life and get the girl of his dreams death.Death in the comics is a chick who is death that Thanos likes but Deadpool managed to steal her from Thanos.Obviously, Marvel doesn't have the rights to Deadpool so they can't do that.
I don't know if Marvel wants to introduce death in the MCU, so an alternative would be for Thanos to like Hela who is appearing in Thor Ragnarok.

So back on topic, Thanos needs to collect the Infinity Stone and the Avengers need to stop him from destroying all of Space,Reality,Time,Power and Souls and Minds in the universe.So let's look at the Infinity Stones in the MCU so far.

 So above is a table that I have made up which has the location of the stone, an image and some facts about them.down the bottom is the first letter of what object the stones have been in which spell the titan that wants them all... THANOS.This will give us clues for the missing stone.
The Tesseract from the Avengers which is the space stone, it is in Loki's possession in Asgard.So Thanos and Loki may work together, so that's one Infinity Stone for Thanos so far.

We then have the Aether which is the reality 'stone' from Thor the villain I can't remember.It is supposedly still with the collector but his shack got obliterated in Guardians of the Galaxy.However, the collector may have had the stone in a special place in his collection which wasn't affected by the blast of the power stone.But the collector seems a little suspish so I would say that Thanos would bargain with him to get to reality stone.

Next is the Power Stone which was the McGuffin in Guardians fo the Galaxy.At the end of the film, it was left with the Nova Corps who did not have much security left.So that may be an easy take for Thanos.

Now the 2 stones on Earth.
The first stone is the mind stone which was in Loki's scepter and is now on the Vision's forehead.So since Thanos needs that stone Vision might have to die in Infinity War which could give the motivation to bring Scarlet Witch into the fight where she might go off with Doctor Strange learn more magic and defeat Thanos.

Speaking about Doctor Strange it was hinted in the second trailer that Stephen's eye of Agamotto necklace contains the time gem.It seems that Doctor Strange may have to use sometimes magic to stop Mads Mickelson character from spilling the dimensions over to one another.We are in the third dimension and I'm guessing that the fourth dimension involves something to do with time.So Thanos will have to take the eye of Agamotto from Strange possibly early on in the film.

Image result for Adam WarlockSo there are only the 5 stones but what about the 6th stone.We know that the object that it will come in will start with the letter H and that it will be the soul stone.It could be Heimdall who possess the soul stone.But what I think it the most logical theory is that the soul stone is in Adam Warlock.Adam Warlock first appeared in a Fantastic Four issue 66, where he was referred to has him.In the comics, he has known to possess the soul stone and is on his head like the vision has the mind stone on his head.We have seen Adam Warlock's cocoon in the Thor the Drak world post credit scene in the collector's collection and we saw it again in Guardians of the Galaxy, we even saw the cocoon gone in the Guardians of the Galaxy post-credit scene.So Adam Warlock is out there in the MCU, I am not expecting him to show up in Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2, and there is a slim chance he might show up in Avengers Infinity War.

I guess we might just have to wait and see where the soul stone is going to show up in the MCU.

Overall I hope you enjoyed reading over this information about the Infinity Stones and the man in the floating purple chair here today...

If you have any other theories of where the soul stone is, feel free to leave your opinions down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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