So in a couple weeks, all the Tv shows are coming back from a break and I am going to list the Tv Shows I am most looking forward to so here we go...


Season 3
October 4 2016

So the Flash is one of my favorite TV shows ever and like last season, I will be reviewing each episode after the come out.The review will come out around 9:00 pm on Tuesday.So the first few episodes of the season will be on Flashpoint which will be so epic.

Agents of SHEILD

Season 4
September 20 2016

Agents of SHIELD has Ghostrider coming! if that doesn't sell you then I don't know what will.Ok so like Season 3 I will review each episode but with the later air time, they will come out 8:30 Wednesday morning.I am probably looking forward to this season of Shield more than any other.


Season 5
October 5 2016

Arrow Season 5 looks so good we are getting so many different characters like Mr. Terrific, Artemis and Wild Dog.I am so glad the show is going back to more of a street fighting tone which is the aspect of the show I love the most.Like the Flash the show is airing at 8:00 on Wednesday though so the review will come out at around 9:00


Season 2
October 10 2016

With Supergirl moving to the CW this means so much cooler comic book stuff from the show and we are getting Superman (what's up with that hair style?).I want to know what's in the pod.Supergirl comes out

legends of Tomorrow

Season 2
October 13 2016
Legends of Tomorrow last season was ok but now this season is going to get a hole lot better with the Justice Society! We already saw Hourmsn show up at the end of last season, but know we are also getting a new Vixen.Yes a new Vixen from another time is coming to the show, Megalyn Echikunwoken was busy filming another production so they are including a different Vixen.Rumouts say that's it is the current Megalyn Echikunwoken Vixen's mother but I believe that it is could be her daughter instead.Overall I am looking foward to the show coming back and I will be doing the reviews on each episode which will come out about 9:00 at night on Thursday.


Season 1

Riverdale seems like a preety sweet show with some mystery which is a genre I feel in love with again with Stranger Things.I'll check it out and go reviews for the first few episodes.

The Walking Dead

Season 7
October 23 2016

I watched the season finale of season ) and I really enjoyed the walking dead.Tgat was my first episode and J really need to catch up.U will honestly try my hardest to make reviews of the Walking dead but if I don't make reviews for all individual episodes I will definitely do a season review.

Star Wars Rebels
Disney XD
Season 3 
September 24 2016

Thrawn is officially cannon so I have to watch rebels.I watched the first 2 seasons, I enjoyed the second season more especially the season finale with Vader v Ashoka.So I will watch season 3 and I can't wait to see the expansion of the galaxy far, far, away...

Luke Cage

Season 1
September 30 2016

Luke Cage is the only Netflix series on this list but I am still looking forward to it, probably the most out of all of these shows.Luke Cage seems like a little bit if a lighter show than Daredevil and Jessica Jones, which is something I'm not complaining about.I can't wait for Luke Cage at the end of this month.I will do a whole season review after I binge all the episodes.

So these are the Tv shows  I will be watching in fall and I am excited for all of them.These aren't the only Tv shows I watch, I try to catch an episode of Dr. Ken here and there or the Simpsons.And I am so excited for Stranger Things season 2 coming out in 2017 sometime.
The shows above I will be reviewing so I would extremely appreciate if you subscribed to catch all the latest stuff happening here.Also let me know in the comments below what's you most anticipated Tv show or if you want me to check out a Tv show also let me know by dropping a comment below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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