Agents of SHIELD yesterday was a great episode so let's recap. 
The episode opens with Simmons hunting for an apartment for her and Fitz and she is on her way to an apartment that was recomended to her via email.She goes to the building and finds that it is unlocked with no one in the apartment, but then she finds Daisy, who sent the email.She needed help healing some bullet wounds from the watchdogs.
Simmons helps her and then Daisy tells her that the watchdogs have managed to track down Inhumans using SHIELD data, so Daisy in list the help of Simmons to hack information of Inhumans to protect them, Simmons, being high up in SHIELD hands someone a USB Daisy gave her, now she has full access.Meanwhile Coulson goes to a prison to interview Robbie's uncle who worked at a lab.Coulson introduces SHIELD with the whole name like in the first Iron Man.Well, Phil gets no information from him but outside the prison Mack is waiting for Phil in Lola when Robbie rocks up past the prison in his sweet ride, Mack recognizes him and the Phil drives Lola and we have an epic car chase.
The chase ends with Robbie hitting a parked Quinjet that Coulson put in stealth mode.Back with Daisy and Simmons, they manage to find Hellfire who is in the area working at a fire works store and warn they him about watchdogs and tell him to come with them immediately Hellfire says that he will meet up with them at a storage unit next to the store after work.
  With Mack and Coulson, Robbie has been captured and they ask him to ask his uncle in prison a few things with his old lab job.So Robbie goes to the prison and his uncle tells him that the his co-workers died in an experiment and that they were all obsessed with a book that had mystical secrets.Coulson, listening in on the conversation picks up that his co-workers are the ghost that haunted May.
Back with Daisy and Simmons, they meet up with Hellfire at night and he opens his storage and watchdogs come out and he reveals that he was working with them.So Daisy and Simmons make a small escape by locking themselves in another storage room.Hellfire then finds them and grabs a chain and ignites it on fire and swings it back, but then Robbie shows up and grabs the chain, turns into Ghostrider and starts fighting with Hellfire, he quickly tells Simmons and Daisy to go next door and meet up with Coulson.They get next door and there is a nice reunion between the team which is great to see, especially with them being divided this whole season.
We then get back with the Ghostrider v Ghostrider lite fight which ends with them throwing each other around, the they bust through to the fire work store and then the whole building blooms with fireworks with Coulson,Mack,Simmons and Daisy escaping. 
The episode ends with Daisy and Robbie on the team and are informed on the ghost and the book.The end post scene in the episode was of May bring okay and Coulson and Simmons come visit her in Radcliff's house, his android is there and then Simmons speaks with Fitz and tells him that she knows the Aida is an android, she also says that she can't lie about this as she was a lie detector test tomorrow.
My favorite scene in tonight's episode was Ghostrider v HellfireIt was so cool to see literate fire fight with fire.And to see Ghostrider use the chain was so incredible to see as it is one of the most iconic aspects of the character.
There were so many great characters that stood out for me this week, but the stand out was Phil Coulson, he just felt like the good old Phil from phase 1, using  references towards the older SHIELD, being protective over Lola, and introducing SHIELD in the full name of Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division.I also really enjoyed Coulson and Robbie interact, the chemistry between the two is a relation I enjoyed seeing and hope to see play out into the season.

Overall let me stand next to your fire has been one of my favorite SHIELD episodes ever, I will give it an 8.7 out of 10.I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading,take care.

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