So a new episode of Agents of SHIELD has come out and it is just action packed so lets recap...

The episode starts off with a flashback with the ghost as humans, and they discover the book that has magic and answers.
When then go to present day with Mack and Coulson getting information from the coma patient, the man from the flashback also from the momentum labs who got freakily woken up by the ghost, who is the lady from the flashback.
Back on the bus, Mack, May, and Coulson decide that getting Robbie's uncle out of prison is the only way to go to get leads on the book as he worked at momentum labs.Coulson and May first go to the prison where everyone is looking at them strangely.They meet with the police prison chief in his office, where he pulls out a gun on them, where he fires and yells 'demons'.We then see from his perspective we see that Coulson and May look like what regular people look like who have been affected by the ghost (man, there really needs to be a name for that). May and Coulson manage to take out the chief with Coulson bringing out a half holographic shield which is freaking awesome! but they lock themselves in the office.
Back on the bus,Fitz supplied the crew some needles to give to the ghost affected people.So Mack and Robbie split off to go get Robbie's uncle while Daisy and 2 shield agents go find May and Coulson.Daisy and soldiers find Coulson and May.They go through the prison trying escape, but then they are near a bunch of cells full of watchdogs.The ghost appears and unlocks all the cells and then Coulson,May and Daisy run for dear life.
They get into a cafeteria where Daisy takes on like 30 prisoners without her powers, and it proves that she is one bad ass.
So Meanwhile with Simmons, she is in her lie detector test where she is asked the question of "do you have any information that SHIELD should be aware of? But the director of SHIELD, Jeffery needs Simmons help in a live talk show on ABC against the senator that hates Inhumans.On that interview, it is revealed that he saved lives in the bombing big in Vienna which was in Civil War.Jeffery also reveals that he is an Inhuman to the world.  
After the interview, Simmons gets off the lie detector by saying that she would have to say that Jeffery really didn't save anyone in Vienna.

Meanwhile, Ghost Rider and Mack find Robbie's uncle and help her m escape.Mack gets hit by a ghost but uses the injection Fitz gave him, on the way out Mack finds the shield agents/soldiers and helps them out, Robbie then tells his uncle to go ahead while he gets something, Robbie then finds a man that he talked to earlier and learnt that he was reasonable for the shooting of 2 kids, and that they both lived but one can't walk(those kids beingRobbie  and Gabe, and Gabe can't walk).So Robbie turns into Ghostrider and burns him.
The episode ends with Robbie's uncle being captured by the ghost and being told to read the book for the ghost as she can't access the book as she is a ghost.But the rest of the team is ok and on the bus.
The last scene in the episode is the senator that Jeffery talked to earlier in a car where she is joined by the man himself, Jeffery, the senator shows him a few clips of the prison mission with Ghostrider and Daisy, making Jeffery concern over what Coulson is doing.
My favorite scene in this episode was when the team was being hunted down by the watchdogs in prison.Daisy showed off some astounding hand to hand combat.It was just so awesome to see, and it is probably my favorite action scene in the whole series.
My favorite character from this episode was Skye/Daisy Johnson/Quake.That fight scene that she was in was astonishing and Daisy reconnecting with her old friends is great to see.Chloe Bennet has done an amazing job on this character since the very first pilot episode.

Overall lockup was a gray episode with amazing actor and a great cast.The ABC 
product placement was there I guess, so how does that work, watching ABC on ABC.I will give lockup an 8 out of 10.Fell free to leave your thoughts down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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