Season 5 Episode 2:
Arrow tonight promised us the new team arrow and we got it, so beware of spoilers from the episode.
So the episode is about Oliver recruiting a new team of vigilantes to help him in his night time routine.He treats training Curtis, Evelyn Sharp, and Wilddog and doesn't reveal he is Oliver Queen.Oliver and Thea are partnering up with a mega-organization, AmerTek for medical care awareness event in Star City.A new vigilante appears and starts killing people that work at AmerTek on the street.
At the event, the Green Arrow got Curtis,Evelyn, and Wilddog to keep an eye out.The head of AmerTek is there then the new vigilante appears and attacks her.He is then stopped by Wilddog who manages to steal a piece of the rag.Felicity then runs a scan of the rag via her new boyfriend and comes back with the results of the rag being 2000 years old!Meanwhile, Thea finds that the CEO of the organization is working with Tobias Church.

Back at training, Green Arrow just insults the team and all 3 quit, but before Curtis leaves he tells Oliver that he doesn't trust and respect anyone.Oliver then suits up and finds Tobias church and the CEO lady.He then starts to fight church and his goons when ragman joins in the fight and he has the CEO of AmerTek down and is about to kill her and he said that he blames her for the Havenrock (Havenrock was the city that was destroyed by a Nuke the Felicityredirectedd because Danium Dark set it off) but Oliver is pinned down by Tobias but ragman saves Oliver instead of getting revenge.
After the fight, Green Arrow, and Ragman meet on the roof, Oliver offers him a place on his team, ragman accepts and reveals his face.His origin story was also revealed which was in Havenrock, the nuke hit and fires surrounded him and his father in their house, his father then wrapped him rags which are 200 years old, his father told him  that the rags will keep you safe from anything, and his father died for his survival.oliver then said that his father also died for his survival.
At the end of the episode, Green Arrow then gets Curtis,Evelyn, and Wilddog in the training room, Green Arrow takes off his mask and reveals to the team that he is Oliver Queen, everyone then everyone rejoins team Arrow.

There were also a couple of scenes in the episode which revolved around Diggle back in the Military on an operation.His operation was the disable an illegal nuclear weapon.But his commander and a couple of other soldiers backfired on him and wanted to steal the nuke for themselves.Diggle was then tied up and the commander killed a soldier on his first mission with Diggle's gun.The commander tried to make Diggle sign something and then he told him nobody will believe that the commander stole the weapon for himself and that he's paying other soldiers to say Diggle killed the soldier on his first day.So Diggle is in some deep stuff right now.
The Flashbacks were nothing major it is still Oliver fighting his way through the Bravata, although he did use some of the tactics he learns to train to help train the new recruits.

My favorite moment from the episode was the origin and learning of the ragman.That small rooftop scene just added soo much depth and humanity to Ragman which is a character in the begging of the episode I thought I wasn't going to like but he is such a cool character with interesting powers.That is why he is the standout character of the episode this week, Joel Dinicol did a such and amazing job on help develop this character on that rooftop scene.
I am also wondering what's going to happen when he finds out Felicity redirected the nuke to Havenrock city because he wasn't going to show any mercy for the CEO of AmerTek for building the nuke and she repeatedly said Danium Dark set off the nuke.
Overall the recruits is a great episode, introducing us to Ragman who is a great character who will hopefully have an amazing arch this season hopefully he might change the team dynamic later on in the season.I will rate the new recruits an 8.5 out of 10.Feel free to leave your thoughts on the episode down in thew comments below.
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