Season 5 Episode 3:
Arrow this week was a great episode, I was so excited for the new team and now we got it, so before I discuss, let's recap.

In the episode, Oliver is trying to take down a Stardust dealer,Samson and then Wilddog chases leads on the case and has a fight with Samson ultimately ends up in a bath of chemicals giving him Super strength.Oliver lectures Rene for doing what he did and decides to find the dealer himself.Meanwhile, Diggle is in prison and is visited by Lyla and he tells her why he is in which was the events of the last episode where he was framed for murder on a military mission.So Diggle finishes talking o Lyla where he is lead to his cell, and he re-meets his cellmate who is, Deadshot!
back with Oliver, he finds Samson who has Super strength and Oliver has his ass handed to him.samson then regroups with his gang and he plans to go to the Stardust plant and make his whole gang super strong.Felicity manages to track them down and Oliver gets the team together.
The Green Arrow, Wilddog, Artemis, Mr. terrific and Ragman all goo to the stardust lab and an epic fight breaks out and we see team Arrow in action.Oliver goes for Samson and he slices through his limbs with an arrow so he can't use them.Mr. Terrific manages to place a bomb in the facility and team arrow makes their great escape.
After the fight, Oliver leaves to the team the Arrow cave and then felicity gets something off her chest and tells Rory(ragman) that she redirected the nuke to Havenrok to save lives.Rory walks off, but the weird thing is was that he didn't look overly upset, or he had a look that he already had forgiven what happened and that the nuke went to Havenrok to save lives from impacting a more highly populated area.
The episode ends with Lyla going to Oliver in the Arrow cave and tells him that Diggle is in prison and she wants him to break him an earlier scene we find that Deadshot escaped the cell without Diggle noticing.So hopefully Oliver gets his team and gets the help of Deadshot to break Diggle out of prison.
My favorite scene from the episode was definitely the fight scene in the Stardust facility, to see team Arrow fight together was incredible to see, they were joking in some part, but it was a really great scene and it was so cool to see all these characters together.The vigilantes walking away was also super cool to see, my favorite character in that scene was Mr. Terrific, he did say he used the face pain which was cool, but sadly he didn't kick anyone's ass.
My favorite charter of tonight's episode was the man himself Oliver Queen, his path of trust was great to see play out everywhere, he had to trust the Bravata in the flashbacks, he had to trust Thea in his position of Mayor and most importantly he had to trust his new team arrow.
A matter of trust is a great episode so I will give it an 8.5 out of 10.Deadshot was in this episode and he was thought to be dead, and with the not so great critical response of the Suicide Squad film, can Arrow get the ability to use the characters again.But I cant wait for Oliver to break his old pal out of prison.I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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