Season 5 Episode 4:
So tonight's episode of Arrow is one of my most favorite so let's do a quick recap.

The episode starts off with team arrow taking down a criminal who has a case, they succeed they're the mission and give the case to the police.Oliver is then told by Lyla to break into Palmer tech to get a chemical to help break Diggle out of prison.So he does and Felicity hears about this and tries to talk Oliver out it.Oliver then goes talk to Rory and he says that he is off the team as seeing Felicity reminds him of Havenrok.
Oliver then is about to escape wit Oliver until his team tries to stop him, but Oliver takes them all out in 3 seconds.Meanwhile, Quintin and the D.A is giving the case to the police evidence where it is but against a wall, then it explodes and Tobias church and his crew come in and show that Tobias is still alive.
Quintin and Thea come into the arrow cave and tell Felicity and team arrow is eager to stop him but Felicity says no.The D.A then goes to a police interrogation for the criminal in the begging.But then Tobias and his goons show up and the Felicity finds out about this and calls in the team and Rory shows up to the arrow cave as well, showing that he has forgiven Felicity.So the team goes in and they kick ass, then Tobias himself then comes and kicks Wilddogs ass, and he captures him.
Meanwhile, Oliver breaks out John in an epic breakout and it ends with Lyla picking up Oliver and Diggle by a plane.
The episode ends with Diggle and Lyla safe and living in the hive, and team Arrow is back together but missing Wilddog.
My favorite scene in the episode was by far the action scene with the fight of team arrow without the green arrow himself, going up against Tobias and his goons.The one on one fight between Wilddog and Tobias was really awesome as well.I also did enjoy Diggle and Oliver escaping prison, using the melting chemicals that Oliver stole from Palmer tech earlier.
The standout character of tonight's episode was  Felicity.The way she was sincerely apologizing to Rory of Havenrok was a great step in the  characters development.I also really did like the way how the Rory and Felicity relationship is playing out with them forgiving each other.
Overall penance was a great episode with good action and character development.I will give the episode 7 out of 10.I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks, for reading, take are.


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