So you may be wondering what I may be talking about with a map from Civil War, but when Thaddeus Ross showed the Avengers the Sokovia Accords, he pulled up a map which had superhuman incidents all over the globe.He revealed some but there were many that were not identified as they may not involve the Avengers So lets break it down...

The Incidents That we were shown were, The Battle of New York (The Avengers),Washing Dc (Captain America the Winter Soldier), Sokovia (Avengers age of Ultron) and Lagos (Captain America Civil War).So let's start from left to right


You may not remember Union City, but it was heavily featured in season 3 of Agents of SHIELD.It was the town that Hive took control of and Daisy,Hellfire and a couple of other Inhumans that worked with Hive lived there for a little bit.If a whole town is being controlled by enhanced individuals, I'm sure the military would be concerned.
You may be thinking that it may be Malibu from the iron Man films, but Malibu would be a little lower on the map.


So I didn't really give a clear idea of where in Brazil but this is in the Jungles of the country.What happened in the jungles of Brazil you may ask? well in the Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner was running from the military there which involved Ross.Having a Green rage monster on the lose would make many concerned.


Hoem of the Black Panther, Wakanda has only recently joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe.In the comics depending on the issue, Wakanda is placed in various areas in Africa, but they have all been in the Northern Afric region.The only significant part of the MCU in North Africa is Wakanda.It is very Strange though as the point on the map points to Egypt which only a minor events in Agents of SHIELD took place there.I am not quite sure on where this exactly is and what event took place here in the MCU


In Agents of SHIELD, Daisy meets her mother in Afterlife which is Inhuman summer camp.There were some meeting between Inhumans and Shield and then chaos broke out a there were an Inhuman v Agents of SHIELD war.Having an outbreak of Enhanced individuals will definitely be in the warning of the government.


Kún-Lun is a fictional place and has not been introduced yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.It was the only place that has a significance that has the location of the next point on the map.The significance of K'un-Lum is this is where Danny Rand trained to become the Iron Fist!The iron Fist series is dropping on Netflix next year but the origin of Danny was in the teaser trailer, he was in a plane crash with his mother and he found K'un-Lun and trained in the Mystical/martial arts.So if a kid goes missing in a plane crash and then years later some enhanced incident happened, the government would be concerned.


So nothing much happened in Australia.The only things that happened there were a couple of minor events in Sydney.However, the point is at the bottom of the down under.The only event that I can possibly think of happening in South Australia is the recruitment of Hellfire on Agents of SHIELD.There were a few things that happened, we see HIVE come in, Lincon and Daisy go there and SHIELD follows.them.With all these parties in the area, the government might draw a concern.

So there we have it guys, thank you so much if you made it to the end.If you know what may have happened in the Northern Africa point on the map, let me know by dropping a comment below.The Flash and Agents of SHIELD are tonight, the Flash review will be out first then Agents of SHIELD tomorrow.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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