With both franchises coming out with live action movies next year DC comics and Boom Studios are teaming up to bring us a 6 issue Justice League and Power Rangers comic crossover in January!This image up the top looks so insanely awesome these characters coming together will be so ridiculous in the best way possible.In the past DC has already done crossovers like Green Lantern and Star Trek and earlier this year was Batman teaming up with the ninja turtles which was so awesome.

The plot was actually revealed which is below...

"Something terrible has happened in Angel Grove when the Power Rangers’ Command Center is breached and the teleporters are damaged! Zack the Black Ranger is flung into an alternate universe full of citizens possessing outrageous powers and wearing strange costumes. Will Jason the Red Ranger, Trini the Yellow Ranger, Kimberly the Pink Ranger, Billy the Blue Ranger and Tommy the Green Ranger be able to get to Zack in time to save him from Batman?"

The plot sounds really interesting, I have an idea as to why Batman would want to take down the black ranger.So in the plot it says that the Rangers teleporters are damaged, but DC is known for twist (like Dr. Manhtten creating the new 52, and the 3 Jokers) so what if the Flash purposely got the rangers onto the Dc earth as one of the rangers villains's got onto their earth and only the power rangers can stop them.

Well, all 6 Rangers will be crossing over with the Justice League, the team is going to consist of Superman,Batman,Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg and Green Lantern.Every issue will have a variant issue containing a member of the Justice League and one of the Rangers and it will be illustrated by a well-known artist.The list is
  • Batman/Pink Ranger by Dan Hipp
  • Cyborg/Blue Ranger by Dustin Nguyen
  • The Flash/Black Ranger by Yasmine Putri
  • Green Lantern John Stewart/Yellow Ranger by Marguerite Sauvage
  • Superman/Green Ranger by Chris Sprouse
  • Wonder Woman/Red Ranger by Marcus To
So these combinations are very different which is good well I definitely wouldn't of minded Green ranger being with Green lantern or the Black ranger being with Batman.

In conclusion tonight, this is so exciting to see these characters come together and the promo image released gets be super hyped.I really do want a Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars crossover someday.Well, I would like to hear your thoughts on the crossover and what other comic crossovers do you want? let me know by dropping a comment below.be sure to subscribe to get the announcements, But as always thanks for reading, take care.

full announcement here: dccomics.com

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