Season 2 Episode 1:
Legends of Tomorrow is back and this episode was a very fast but very good episode so be careful of spoilers ahead, let's go.

The episode starts off with Dr. Heywood meeting up with Mayor Oliver Queen and discussing that the legends have been spotted all throughout time.He and Oliver then track down the wave rider into the Atlantic Ocean where Mick is onboard in a cryo-freeze.he then gets woken up and is tells Oliver and Heywood about the adventure that the team went on which was to stop the assassination of time pirates killing the king and queen of France before they conceive their child.All goes to kind of the plan.

Rip then discovers that an atomic bomb was dropped on New York in 1942.The team discovers that Albert Einstein went missing a day or two before the bomb was dropped therefore they realize that the nazis captured einstein and made him build the bomb.The team goes to 1942 (which is the year hourman told them not to go at the end of last season) and successfully captures Einstein, Sarah goes on her own side mission to try to kill Danium Dark who is alive at this time.Ray then follows her and stops her at the time being.

The team at the Waverider with a kidnapped Einstein still discovers that New York still gets destroyed, and then they realize that it was Einstein's ex-wife that was captured by the nazis and built the nuclear atomic bomb.So the team goes off and tracks down the nazis, Einstein's ex and Danium at a dock where they are about to load the bomb on a submarine.The legends intercept with an epic fight scene,Sarah goes after Danium and they have a really awesome one on one fight,Mick gets shot in the chest (still lives) while Einstein's ex-wife is rescued.
The nazis load the bomb into the submarine and get off.The legends then get in the Waverider and go to stop the submarine.After a few torpedos are fired at the Waverider, Rip realizes that they have to use the wave rider to block the blast , so Rip uses a new tool he told Jackson about earlier, the time scatter which would scatter all the members of the crew somewhere in time.So all the legends disappear (which looked like the USS Enterprise crew being teleported), all except Mick due to him being shot in the chest and Rip who wants to go down in with the ship.We then see inside the Submarine where Danium dark was and his crew were about to kill him then, a friend of his comes and kills them first who is the Reverse Flash!

So Mick is cryofreeze and that finishes Mick's story of how the Waverider and he ended up in the Atlantic.
So Heywood tells Mick that he tracked down the legends throughout time so they have a montage of them being picked up, Ray was being chased by a dinosaur, Jackson and Martin were about to be executed by some royal girl and Sarah was also going to be executed in a village back in time for probably making out with all the woman there.Luckily no one gets executed and all is good except that Rip Hunter could not be tracked.But at least the legends were saved.they then come up with one last plan to stop and atomic bomb from dropping on New york.The team disguise as police offers and tell Einstein to announce that his ex-wife has always been his partner, therefore she would have security and would not be kidnapped.

So the legends are still in 1942 and are going to go back to the Waverider when they are stopped by the JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA! everyone shows up, star Girl, Obsidian, Dr. Mid-nite, Vixen and Commander Steel.

My favorite part of the episode was by far the Justice society coming in and meeting the legends, and it seems as tough they are based in 1942, so the vixen in this team is probably present-day vixen's grandmother, which is pretty cool.But having the Justice Society come in at the end was so cool to see.

The standout character of the episode tonight for me was probably Mick.Mick was used as more or less a narrator as to which to the core of the story was told through.The character in the series is developing out of the one-dimensional villain which is a really great thing.Mr. Heywood was introduced in this episode, he seems as he will haver a comedic role throughout the season, the character didn't  get an introduction but he almost doesn't feel like he needed one.I am also interested in Sarah's arch in the season with her out for revenge of Laurel's death by Danium dark.
Overall this episode was a great start to the season with so many cool things, this is what the show was always meant to be with the team traveling through many distinctly different parts in time.I will give Out of time an 8.5 out of 10.I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below also are you as excited Justice Society as I am, I am just super hyped.
As always thanks for reading, take care.

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