Season 2 Episode 2:
Finally, we see the Justice Society of America come on legends of tomorrow so first, let's recap.

The episode picks  from last week with the team meeting the JSA and then they have a fight were the JSA prisons the legends.So then they are released where they are questioned and they say that they know Tyler Rex which we get a flashback of, and then Heywood reveals to Commander Steel that he is his grandson.The legends make their way back to 2016 when Heywood discovers that the Justice Society does the day after in France by nazis on a mission to retrieve a relic.

So the legends go in disguise with Martin posing as Max Lorenz, and he is playing at a nazi controlled bar.The legends spot vixen who is undercover and Sarah finds out where the nazis are shifting the relic to.So when Martin finishes playing and everyone (except the JSA and the legends) hails hurler.But then a nazi spots that Ray didn't hail so then he ha no idea what to do but punch him, so then a bar fight breaks out
So the JSA and legends go on the wave rider where they come up with a plan to stop the nazis.
Meanwhile, a nazi general takes the I handed drug reverse flash gave him turning him into an abomination super strong dude.So the JSA and legends go on the attack in an epic fight but they all get their asses handed to them and Vixen and Atom get captured by getting knocked to the ground by the abomination.
So what remains of the legends and the JSA go back on the wave rider where they create a plan to rescue Vixen and Ray and to retrieve the amulet.Meanwhile, Vixen and Ray who are in hostage have a really neat dynamic going on and a relationship that seems like it will form throughout the season.The JSA and legends starts att king the nazis, white canary and heatwave rescue Ray and Vixen while Commander Steel and Dr. Mid-nite have a fight with the abomination monster,the abomination tarts to chase Commander Steel so he runs until Heywood picks him up on a motorbike.A nazi bomber comes  in and accidentally kills their own abomination and it also takes out Steel and Heywood.
So back on the waverider, we see that Heywood is in the medical room in critical condition as he has not blood clots, so Ray stole some of the super strength drugs that reverse flash gave to the nazis and he tinkered it and have it to Heywood, making him better.We then see a final confrontation between Commander steel and Heywood which was great to see.
The episode ends with Hourman placing the amulet on a display in the JSA headquarters then we see the reverse flash come along , killing Tyler and he zooms off taking the amulet, leaving Vixen rushing into the room and crying.
My favorite part of the episode was by far meeting the Justice Society of America, the team was so great to see in Action, fighting the legends and fighting with the legends.The characters that stood out for me the most are Stargirl,Commander Steel but most of all Vixen, Obsidian was also really cool to see in terms of his powers.Dr. Mid-nite didn't get much time to shine but he did seem pretty cool.Hourman seemed like he would be a pivotal part in the season but that didn't go to plan, and if I'm not mistaken, we didn't see him use his power at all.
My favorite character of the episode is a tuff decision to make, all the characters shined out for me this episode, it was cool seeing Sarah do the opening monologue, Jackson was cool to see trying to impress Stargirl but if I have to choose, it has to be Martin, Matin steeping up as team leader was great to see and him pretending to be Max Lorenz was so great.Victor Garber does a great job with the character.
Ray and Vixen also were characters I enjoyed together, it seems like the hey will have a relationship throughout the season, like what Ray and Hawkgirl had.It is cool, to see their powers collide of a magic animal totem and futuristic tech.
Overall the Justice Society of America was an amazing episode with the epic introduction of the JSA themselves so I will give it a 9 out of 10.Feel free to leave your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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