Season 2 Episode 3:
So a new episode of Legends of Tomorrow dropped so before I review lets recap.

The episode starts off with Vixen on board the Waverider knocking out all the members.She is about to kill Mick with a knife  but then Nate Heywood steps out of his chair and grabs knife from Vixen and he is all metal!
Everyone freaks out including Nate and Vixen is locked up and Sarah asks her why she was going to kill Mick and she replies with "he murdered Rex Tyler" and Sarah stands up for Mick and says that he didn't and that they will help her find whoever killed Rex, and Vixen is released from her cell.
meanwhile, aboard the Waverider, Ray in the atom suit is training Nate when they accidentally blow a hole in the wall and they get lost in time in the 15th-century Japan, where Ray and Nate get split up.ray is taken hostage by the Shogun, the leaders of a small village and Nate gets looked after by a girl named, Melanchon.
Rays armor is stolen from him and worn by the Shogun leader, who is set to marry Melachon, which Nate learns about.Back with the rest of the crew, Sarah, Vixen, and Mick are going to go rescue Ray and Nate while Jackson and Martin make fixes to the Waverider.On the Waverider Martin and Jackson discover a secret room which has recorded messages and they discover a message from Barry Allen in 2056 and he says "do tell anyone in the team..." unfortunately we don't get to hear what the message was about.But I believe it was about the dominators taking over the earth and that Barry needs the legends help but they come help in 2016, Or Barry accidently created an even worse Flashpoint universe and he contacts Rip to help get him back in time.The final theory I have on what barry said is that the reverse flash that we have seen i legends came from 2056 and that is Rip's real mission.

Some shogun samurais show up to Melachon's house, thinking that Nate can stop them his powers don't work and he gets his ass  kicked and the Samurais run away  telling their leader.
So back to everyone on the ground.Sarah,Vixen, and Mick save Ray without his armor and manage to find Nate at Melancon's house with her father.They tell Nate that they have to leave now, but Nate says that Melachon has to marry the Shogun leader and that he will kill her and he can't let that happen.So the legends prepare to fight the Shogun.Ray has a talk with Melchon's father about her brother that dies and that how the father would rather save the son than the special armor he gave him.So ray is coming to terms that he won't have any powers after this.
So, Sarah, Vixen, and Mick have a fight against Ninjas, who Mick loves.Meanwhile, out in the field.ray is in a samurai armor fighting the shogun leader in the atom suit.ray gets knocked down, then Melachon tries to fight the shogun leader and she gets her ass kicked but then Nate gets his steel powers to work and he kicks the shogun's leader ass and the atom suit blows up.
Melachon and Nate say goodbye and the legends leave on their quest to keep time in order.

There were so many great scenes in the episode from Sara and Vixen being Samurais and having an epic sword fight with the shogun to Jackson and martin discovering the scercetr room.
My favorite scene in the episode is when Nate discovers his powers.they changed the look of his powers from the comics drastically which I don't know if is for the better or for the worse.The personality of Nate having his powers is very different from the comics.In the comics, he has this whole depressed arch as he is ways in steel mode and he can't feel anything.That might change in the future of the show.
My favorite character of tonight's episode was Nate Heywood, A.K.A: Citizen Steel.The character was great to see take the spotlight.We saw a slightly developed romance between him and Melachon.As I said earlier the character's costume is very different than the comics.below is a comparison.
Overall Shogun was a great episode with great action but it I feel like it could have been a little cooler with the time period.I will give shogun a 7.5 out of 10.Feel free to leave your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below always thanks for reading, take care.

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