Luke Cage is the latest Marvel Netflix series and it is so amazing, from the cinematography to the music choices are amazing.The culture or Harlem was bought to life in the Marvel universe.The show picks up 5 months after Jessica Jones so in March when Daredevil season  2 came out.The season is basically about Luke Cage using his powers for good which invites its challenges such as villains framing him and the police wanting him.

There were so many great episodes in the season, from my memory the episodes were longer and are around 55 minutes.My favorite episode from the season was episode 4, Step in the Arena.
The episode was about Luke Cage trapped in the rubble of  the restaurant and it also featured the flashback of Karl Lucas in prison which was so interesting and how he got his powers was changed from the comics, but similar.The prison wasn't reconstructing the super soldier program but had to be healed after being shanked in prison then he had to go in a capsual where some acids and science stuff was involved and then a guard that hated Karl came in and changed the temperature and then Karl got Super-strength.And he also wears his original costume from the 60's
Luke Cage
The season finale, episode 13, You Know My Steez, was a great episode.We see Diamondback vs Luke Cage which was an insane fight but short lived.The ending of the episode which I will get to later was insanely incredible.
The passing of the series was great, there was new twist at ever corner, like when Cottonmouth dies in episode 8 I thought what was going to happen next then Shades steps up and Diamondback comes into play.

The characters in the series were soo interesting.I have two favorite characters in the series those two are, the man himself, Luke Cage played by Mike Colter, he was such an amazing choice to play Luke Cage, my other favorite character was Claire Temple, the night nurse played by Rosario Dawson, she was in all the past Marvel Netflix shows  and she is just an awesome character.The other characters in the show were also amazingly developed and played by such talented characters, Misty Knight (Simone Cook), Cottonmouth (Mahershala Ali), Black Mariah (Alfre Woodard), Shades (Theo Rossi), Rafael Scarfe (Frank Whaley) and Soledad Temple (Sonia Braga).Cottonmouth was a good villain while he lasted, however with the flashback and argument he had Mariah, gave the character humanity and I didn't see him as much if s villain as Diamondback, Luke's step brother.

At the ending of the season, we see Luke Cage being arrested for his previous life of Karl Lucas, just before he was going to get some 'coffee' with Claire.Claire then says to him that she will get he lawyer she knows, that lawyer being Matt Murdock, who is the Daredevil.
So what I believe is gong to happen is that Luke Cage will be released from prison in the Defenders series by Matt and the help of a P.I, Jessica Jones.
The other huge thing in the season finale of Luke Cage was the doctor had the files of the experiment he did with Luke and was about to do that experiment in Diamondback, so he probably will come back in a later series and Mariah and Shades are not fugitives.

There were many Easter eggs in Luke Cage to the movies and other shows.The Easter eggs towards the other shows were mainly those towards the events of Jessica Jones, like when Luke Cage got shot in the neck and Mariah mentions a woman downtown snapping a dudes neck because he mind controlled her, which is speaking of how Jessica Jones snapped Purple Mans neck.The events I of the Avengers are referred to as the 'Incident', however nothing was mentioned of the Hulk v Abomination fight in the Incredible Hulk which took place in Harlem.There were also no mentions of the Sokovia Accords how ever there were many mentions towards a green monster and s magic hammer throughout the series.

Overall Luke Cage is my favorite Marvel Netflix series this far.I will rate it a 9 out of 10.I would like to hear what you have to say about the show down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading take care 
                           Sweet Christmas

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