Season 2 Episode 1:
Supergirl season 2 premiered tonight and we finally see Superman, which is so great and such a comic accurate representation of the character.So the basic premise of the episode is Lena Luthor is being targetted by a guy named Corbin and Superman and Supergirl has to team up to save her.

The episode actually starts off with no time jump from last season, like Kara opens up that bottle of wine and the pod crashes and we get the reveal who is what we all expected.
Mon-El.Mon-El was announced to be on the show, he is basically a real Kryptonian version of Superboy.So his ideology of what Kryptonians should be may differ from Superman and Supergirl.I am very excited to see where this character is taken in the season.

There were many things we learned in the episode from the new characters, We find that Lex Luthor has been put in prison and hates Superman, kind of like what is happening in the movies.That checker of Superman in this show is a very experienced hero, I think it's around 10 years he has been the man of steel, as Clarke Kent, he is dating Louis Lane and is a very well known reporter as even Cat Grant wants to impress him.We also learn of an incident that happened between Superman and Martian Manhunter, the incident was Superman and Martain Manhunter found the first Kryptonite which Superman did not like Martain Manhunter having in his pose in in the D.O.E as the government can take over at any moment and they will have his weakness in their possession.

My favorite moment from the episode was the climax of the episode with Lena about to start her presentation but it was attacked by Corbin and the L Corp building was about to fall but then Superman stops it and Supergirl manages to stop it from falling, there is also some really great hand to hand combat between Corbin and Alex but that ended with Lena shooting Corbin.
The stand out character of the episode this week was by far Superman, to see a full fleshed out version of Superman on tv with is cousin is so great to see.This version n of Superman is my favorite version of the character so far.Kara is also having to go through a lot of changes in the show as well, she is getting a promotion at work, by following in the footsteps of her cousin and becoming a reporter and she is coming to the realization that being Kara is just as improtant as being Supergirl.

In conclusion tonight, this was a great episode and solid start to the season and it deserves an 8 out of 10.What did you think of the adventures of Supergirl? let me know by dropping a comment below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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