Season 2 Episode 3:
So the latest episode of Supergirl has come out and it has a lot of cool stuff, so spoilers ahead let's recap.

The episode is about Mon-El escaping the DEO and president, Lynda Carter is visiting the DEO and Kara is meeting her as Supergirl, the president is going to introduce a way for alien life on Earth to not live in the shadows but be granted citizenship.The meeting is under attack by an inferno alien of some kind,believed to be Mon-El as he escaped the DEO earlier.
At the scene but after the attack Alex and a police detective, Maggie Sawyer but heads, but then go to an alien bar where there are a lot of different aliens with unique abilities, after asking around about Mon-El and where he might be, Alex notifies to DEO.Mon-El is at a small space program facility trying to communicate back to his home planet is captured by Kara.He reveals that he is from Daxam, the sister planet of Krypton.
The president is at another event where she is about to sign the paper of the alien life being citizens.But then it gets attacked again by the inferno alien where she is revealed to not be Mon-El.The alien reveals that she is doing this as she believes that the president's alien citizenship policy is just a registration act, so then she kidnaps Maggie.
Supergirl and Alex manage to track her down to a warehouse where Supergirl and the Inferno alien have an epic brawl with fire everywhere.The fight ends with putting out her flames by creating a small tornado around her.
The president is congratulating Supergirl and she talks about the alien citizenship, and before sh is about to leave, Supergirl mentions something about a jet and she replies  something like "I have a better one."She then walks away revealing to the audience that she is an alien (or amazonian in their old age?)  The episode ends with Supergirl telling Mon-El that Daxam was destroyed when krypton was destroyed.But then the end scene is below, so read about that.
My favorite scene in the episode was definitely the end with the miss martian reveal.I was so glad that they didn't wait until next week, but what I am kind of disappointed about is, where is her hair, that for me is an iconic aspect of the character, maybe since she can shapeshift she might add in hair, but who knows at this point.But overall I am excited for the character to be on the show, with Mon-El in this episode we are getting a young justice, and also with Artemis on Arrow and Wally West on the Flash, it can be a full team one day, I want that Aqualad though.
My favorite character in this episode was surprisingly Maggie Sawyer, the character seemed to be very interesting as to her connections with this alien underground.It seems like she will be a love interest for Alex.I also really liked Mon-El, I can't wait to see kara teach him about his powers.
Overall the episode was a great episode as always from supergirl, I didn't enjoy the villain this episode as much, but I really loved seeing Mon-El and the Miss Martain tease at the end of the episode.I will give welcome to earth a solid 8 out of 10, mostly because Lynda carter was in the episode, with that Invisible Jet reference at the end, and how awesome would it be if she actually was Wonder Woman.What was your favorite part of the episode? let me know by dropping a comment below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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