Season 2 Episode 4:
So Supergirl on Halloween sadly didn't go on to be a full Halloween episode be we do get some really awesome stuff so let recap.

The basic premise of the episode is Mon-El is tested by Winn, while Alex and maggie find an alien fight club, run by Roulette has Miss Martian fighting, Martian Manhunter goes to talk her out of it but gets captured by the fight club host and is made to fight Miss Martian.Kara,Alex, and Maggie manage to shut to club down, with Kara telling all the aliens that Roulette has captured to be lived freely and to not be feared and feel like they ar dangerous as Roulette made them.
At the end of the episode we see, Kara tells Mon-El that he is in her hands.But the very end is when martian Manhunter goes to Miss Martian's apartment he apologizes to her for saying to her earlier that she lied to him as she fought in the fight club.He then walks out and then Miss Martian(In human form) turns with the red glow and turns into a WHITE MARTIAN!

My favorite character from the episode tonight was martian Manhunter.It was great to see the character react to seeing Miss Martian and him learning of how she survived the White Martian attack on Mars.Martian Manhunter throughout the episode was arguing with Miss Martian and had to apologize.Martian Manhunter willing to sacrifice himself at the end of the episode was really neat to see and was showing the characters personality.
My favorite part of the episode was seeing the fight club fights.They were so epic to see especially Supergirl vs the other alien with super strength.It was great to see how her powers have deloped throughout the series.But the fight club in this episode was way better than the CW superhero fight club because of there were actual people/aliens that the heroes were fighting.
I also did like the opening scene of Daxam being destroyed.But the scene at the end with Mon-El and Supergirl was great to see.It is awesome to see how they are building the chemistry between the two heroes.And I can't wait to see what Winn makes Mon-El for his costume.
Overall the survivor was an excellent episode with awesome action, I will give Survivors a 7.5 out of 10.I'm wondering what happened to the real Miss martian.If you know let me know by dropping a comment below or let me know down in the comments what your favorite part of the episode was.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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