A new trailer for the Flash came out and Jesse and Harrison are finally coming back to Earth 1.And, this time, Jesse has super speed like we all expected from the end of last season, but let's break this trailer down.

 The wormhole is opening with everyone prepared for the worst, Cisco and Jo are holding up guns, however, Barry is not in the Flash suit, however just in a suit, this suit may be that he and Iris are on a date as she is also in a fancy dress, but then they get called into Star Labs.
 Harrison Wells surprisingly coming out of the portal for team Flash, and he asks them for help for Jesse Quick.
Team Flash witnessing Jesse's powers which gives off yellow lighting like Barry but brighter I don't know if you notice but look at Catlin's clothes, they are colors that would be associated with cold or frost like how she's gonna become Killer Frost, well she already has the powers that nobody knows about except herself.
 Voice over of Jo discussing this new meta with super-strength, who is Magenta the title of the episode, magenta in the comics ca control metal like we see her do.She could come from Earth 2 by following Jesse and Harry through the wormhole or she could be from Earth 1 or more Dr. Alcehmy twists.
Magenta using her powers to a greater extent.this seems like the end fight in the episode.Which when you think about it, all the end battles from the season 3 episodes have all been at night.
This looks so awesome, Barry and Jesse running, it appears that Jesse is not wearing a costume like I thought she would. Apparently, there were some leaked images of Violet Beane sporting a Jesse Quick costume which was the blue shirt.She might end up wearing a costume designed by earth 1 Star Labs at the end of the episode or later on in the season she might just team flash with this costume from earth 2.I really do hope she is in the 4-night crossover, I doubt it but it would be so cool.Actually, for the 4-night crossover they are not doing the Crisis on Infinite Earths story like we all thought they were going to do as that would be easy to jam Supergirl's Earth with Earth 1 but with the dominators, they are going with the Invasion storyline.
Harrison wells giving Jesse support like he gave to Barry of "RUN JESSE RUN!"

So that concludes this trailer breakdown I can't wait for this episode of the Flash especially with Jesse Quick coming on the show with her powers, last season Violett Beane was so great as Jesse making her quickly become my favorite character of last season.I would like to hear your thoughts on this trailer down below, and who do you think Jesse's earth doppelganger is like? let me know down in the comments, Star Wars Rebels is coming out tonight so subscribe for that review, if you want to.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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