Season 3 Episode 1:

Yay! the Flash is finally back and last season we were left with Flashpoint and it was delivered.So spoilers ahead, go check out the episode it was great.
The episode picks up 3 months after Gary Barry saved his mother, but in present day, we find out where all the character are, Iris is still a reporter but she helps out Wally as the Flash, Wally is the (kid) Flash, and he got his powers when he was doing some stuff involving nitrogen with his car and lightning struck him and he was in a coma for 9 months and had super speed.Cisco Ramon is a billionaire who owns Star Labs, Catlin Snow is an eye doctor, Jo West is still a detective but he isn't doing so well, and Barry still has his speed, he is losing memory of the original timeline but he has both of his parents alive and well, which was really nice to see.
The villain of the episode was the Rival.He is the speedster in the black speedster suit which has the orange and yellow lighting symbol.

So the basic premise of the episode is Barry dealing with the Flashpoint timeline and team Flash trying to take down the Rival.The episode ended with Wally being critically injured by the Rival, Jo then shoots the Rival and Wally is having a hard time to recover so Barry let go of everything, said bye to his parents one last time and he released the Reverse Flash to kill his mom which would then lead to Zoom, who would kill his dad.Barry then gets dropped home in present day by the reverse Flash but at what cost, Barry is back in present day goes into Jo's house, Jo and Wally having a beer, Barry then ask where's Iris, Jo gets offended then Wally tells Barry that Jo and Iris never got along and don't talk to each other.

One of the best moments from the episode was Barry meeting Wally as the Flash and the team meeting each other with having nearly no experience without knowing each other too well at least.The fight scene against the Rival was pretty cool to see and how cool was it to see Barry run mid-air on 2 tornados!

But my favorite scene of the episode was Barry having to let go of everything he dreamt of to save Wally, which was releasing the Reverse Flash to kill his mother.And it was so sad to see Barry say bye to his parents one last time (Well he could just go back in time and do what he did whenever he's missing them I guess).

But the ending with the reveal that everything is not back to normal.I Believe that since the main Flashpoint ended this episode, the next few episodes may also be of alternative timelines and something is changed from the original timeline each episode, until the crossover.

Overall this was a great start to the Flash season 3, I will rate the episode an 8 out of 10. I did wish this was a two-part season premiere, but then it could have been very boring and poorly paced.I would love to hear your thoughts on the Flashpoint down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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