Season 3 Episode 2:
Episode 2 of the Flash aired and we find out about a lot of stuff Barry screwed up, beware of spoilers for the whole episode.So the episode starts off with Barry visiting Felicity in Star City and telling her everything that is different from how Jo and Iris don't get along anymore because Jo never told iris about her Mo, Barry has a new co-worker Julian who doesn't like Barry, Cisco's brother dies and he is in therapy and then we find out that Diggles daughter, Sarah is actually a boy, John Diggle who will grow up to be Connor Hawke, the future Green Arrow.
The Flash then goes back to Central City visits his friends in their changed lives and he tries to bring them all closer to the team they originally were by putting on a dinner.Meanwhile he non-flashpoint Rival encounters Dr. Alchemy who grants him the super speed powers and the memory of himself in the flashpoint timeline.The team during their awkward dinner get notified about the Rival who Barry runs after, but ends with the Rival getting away.Back at Star Labs Iris knows something is up with Barry so she asks and Barry doesn't tell her about Flashpoint, he just tries to go back to change time and while he does a hand pulls him out of the blue time hole and it's Jay Garrick on Earth 3.We learn that on Earth 3 it is 1998 so 18 years behind.Jay tells Barry to stop screwing with time and that he has to move forward in life with the decisions he made.
Barry then goes back to Earth 1 where he tells the team the truth of Flashpoint and how he screwed with time and how he can't do it again.Cisco is very annoyed at Barry as when his brother died, Barry didn't go back in time and save him but he could for his own family.Barry then goes to visit Julian who was investigating on some areas of meta caused deaths, Barry then asks him about the Rival and then the Julian gives the location of where the body was most likely disposed and drifted through the river.

Barry then learns the location of the Rival , informs team Flash and goes after the Rival.The Rival introduces barry to Dr. Alchemy who shoots him with aq blue pulse then the Rivals kicks the Flashes ass.Iris then tells the team to be the overwatch of barry like they used to be and she mentions the circumstances of Barry losing everything and that they shouldn't hold on to the past and then she forgives Jo and then team Flash assembles.meanwhile, barry is still getting his ass handed then Cisco comes in with his reverb gear and saves Barry.Reverb and the Flash take down the Rival as a team and team Flash is back together.

The episode ends with Barry and the Team back together again, in their good old selves and he promises to never tell the team about their Flashpoint selves.We then see everyone exit the room except Catlin and barry who tells her that she wasn't bad in flashpoint, barry then leaves the room and then Catlin reveals that she has Killer Frost powers!

My favorite scene of the episode was definitely the team up of Reverb and the Flash taking down the rival, especially after Ciscos character arch in the episode of not forgiving Barry of traveling back in time.It was also really great to see them Flash reunite after all the stuff barry screwed up.I can't wait to see if the team dynamic changes throughout the season especially with Catlin and her powers and Wally possibly getting his through Dr. Alchemy.
The stand out character for me in this episode was defiantly Cisco Ramon.His arch in the episode with not getting along with barry was interesting to see play out and seeing barry be so helpless because the Barry we have been following has no idea about Dante'ss death.
Julian is also going to be a fun character to see play out throughout the season, the dynamic between him and barry was talked about, however, never shown, but I want to see that be played out throughout the episode.
Dr. Alchemy was also cool to see however we don't get much of him.I'm calling it here1 Julian is Dr. Alchemy!

Overall this episode was a great episode and I really enjoyed seeing how everything has now changed and how Barry is going have to live with it.I am also lookinmg foward to the new cahracters in the seaosn adn where Catlin and wally go in the seson with their powerts teased.I will rate this episode an 8.5 out of 10.I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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