Season 2 Episode 4:
We finally get mirror master on the flash this week, so before I discuss, let's do  a recap.

So we start off in a flashback 3 years ago where Mirror Master and Topp are at a deal with Leonard Snart where they kept all the items they stole in a heist.They then have a fight but then the particle accelerator hits.Ok just wait.The particle accelerator hit in 2014 which was 2 years ago, not 3 unless flashpoint resets everything.So Mirror Master gets trapped in a mirror.

Now in present day, the building that Mirror master was in is due for demolition in a month, but then Mirror master walks out of a mirror and he strangles a demo guy.Mirror master finds one of Captain colds old goons, asking where Snart is then and he injures him by taking him through a mirror and he falls 2 stories from a building.Meanwhile, Cisco, Caitlin and harry are trying to find another good Harry from a different earth to take earth-2 Harrison Well's place when he leaves.Report of Mirror master come in of this at the police department where Jo goes to Mirror Master's girlfriend's cell at Iron Heights, she apparently has meta abilities to where she can spin someone's vision.
Mirror Master breaks her out and then they get back together and start their life of crime together again, not worrying about Captain Cold.So then Barry and Jesse go and stop them with an epic sky scrapper chase which results in Barry getting trapped in a mirror.

Back at Star labs Caitlin, Cisco, and Wells are trying to get Barry out of the mirror.They try to use some freezing solution to break Barry out, it doesn't work but then there is a metahuman alert call which the whole team attends to except Caitlin.She uses her powers that nobody knows about to free Barry.
Barry gets free and then with everyone wondering how he and Jesse leave to get mirror master and top who are at an amusement park.Jesse manages to take out top while Barry has a fight with mirror master trapping him in a loop of mirrors, and then Barry captures him.

So the episode ends with harry and Jesse going back to Earth 2 just after the new Harrison Wells from Earth 19 comes.Everyone says goodbye, and team Flash now has a new Harrison Wells.
The very end scene is of Caitlin unwinding from a day at work, she gets into her shower where she freezes the water and accidently uses her ice breath and then she gets out of the shower, looks in the mirror where her lips are that grey/blue color and she has a white highlight in her hair.
My favorite scene in the episode was that end scene.I just can't wait to see Caitlin become Killer Frost, the character will probably become so twisted which will be hard to see as she is such a beloved character but will make for such a great villain.
The stand out character of the episode for me was Mirror Master.He was such a fun villain to see and his powers were displayed so astonishing.I also did like Iris a bit in this episode.for me, the Iris and Barry relationship in the series hasn't been the best but now it kind of feels like they have the type of dynamic as they had in the comics.

Overall, the new Rogues is a great episode so I will give it a solid 8 out of 10.I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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