Season 3 Episode 3:
Tonight on the Flash we got Magenta and she was such a great villain, but we also got the return of Earth 2 Harrison Wells and Jesse, and Jesse finally got her Superspeed.
So first to recap.

The episode starts off with Barry and Iris going on a date then they get called into Star Labs about a breach of someone in the multiverse coming to Earth 1.Barry and Iris get there and everyone is prepared for another Jay Garrick/Zoom.But then Harrison Wells comes out and asks for help for Jesse having super speed.Meanwhile, a new Metahuman pops up called Magenta who can control metal objects with her mind.Magenta is like an uncontrollable alter ego that a girl named Frankie has.So Barry needs the help of Jesse to defeat her and bring Frankie to safety.They have a battle on the roof of a hospital at night where Magenta is about to throw a boat on the hospital because her abusive foster father is in there.Jesse runs figures eight's to stop a boat from impacting the hospital.Then Barry talks to Magenta to try to get Frankie to battle her within the mind.
Frankie goes back to Star Labs where she tells team Flash how Dr. Alchemy approached her and turned her into Magenta.barry and iris then go on another date where Barry has to get called into work where Jo shows Barry and Julian the Rival being murdered in prison by Dr. Alchemy, Jo says that he might be invisible where Julian sys he might be a ghost (suspish?)
The episode concludes with Jesse receiving a Flash suit from her father and he said that they will stay for a couple more days.
My favorite part of the episode was seeing Jesse and Barry run together, I've said before, but Jesse was my favorite character from the last season, so to see her run with Superspeed was great.Magenta was also a great villain to see, so having these two characters in the same episode for me was amazing.I also really hope next week she puts on the suit because that suit looks so incredible.
As much as I loved Jesse Quick this week, the standout character for me this week was Frankie/Magenta.The character was so much fun to see twist from Frankie to magenta.Like in the police station.Her powers looked so cool on screen and the overall look of the characters was a really good modern representation of the character in live action.
Frankie herself was a really interesting character to see, with her broken foster care family and her dealing with these crazy powers.It was a great arch of the character in this episode and I hope she returns for a later episode.
Wally was also a great character in this episode with his jealousy of Jesse having Superspeed.I can't wait till he gets Superspeed from Dr. Alchemy, this episode seems like the path that would lead him to go to Alchemy for the speed.Let me know in the comments if you noticed his yellow shirt, foreshadowing his suit.
Overall this was a great episode and I will give Magenta an 8 out of 10.I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode down below.And are you as excited as I am for Jesse to try on that new suit? As always thanks for reading, take care.

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