This new DCTV crossover trailer has come out and it is so awesome, so let's break it down...

We see the dominators coming to Earth in their spaceship
Barry encountering the Dominators for the first time
We see Lyla give Barry some images on the dominators which seem like they are from this incident which is some 'found footage' to promote the crossover.
It is great that Lyla is going to be at least a part of the episode, and we see that Wally and Joe are also going to be in the episode, most likely just a minor role in the Flash part of the crossover
We see Steel looking over the military getting wrecked by the Dominators.This seems like the heroes are going to go back in time to the battle where the Dominators first tried to invade Earth which is the found footage up above is from
The Dominators bringing an army full of ships
Inside the Dominators ship, we hear the Dominators say that scourge of Earth is the scourge of their own planet so that is why they want to exterminate the Earth
We see that the Dominators have landed everywhere on Earth with the heroes having to stop the all.
We have Iris voice over talking to Barry telling him to not go up against the timeline alone and probably not to screw up the timeline again.
Barry goes back in time stops the first Dominator invasion, Earth's technology doesn't evolve, no Star Labs, no Flash.
We see that Barry assembled almost everyone, we see those computer monitors that Sarah was looking at earlier in the background
Kara asking Mick how he got the Alter Ego Heatwave
Well he got it by burning his family alive and he likes to turn things to fire, colorful origin
Oliver and Barry in the reverse Flash lair possibly looking at a future newspaper

Team Arrow members, Oliver, Thea, Srah, Diggle and Ray held captive in the dominators ship which is in space.The pods that they are in are behind them and are probably giving the heroes a shared dream which is in the 100th Arrow episode (Arrow crossover episode).The dream is apparently going to be about what is Oliver never got on the Queens Gambit, and this is how Deathstroke is back and all the Laurel and Oliver wedding photos that are on the internet

Oliver blaming Barry, like he should, screwing with the timeline could have made
We see that Cisco is in the Arrow cave with Felicity, Rory, and Curtis, they seem like they are experimenting with some Dominators technology.I also can't wait to see Cisco to meet the new recruits.
This is awesome, we see Supergirl and Wilddog in the same scene.This is apparently what the second story line on the Arrow episode is, everyone else along with the new recruits trying to stop the dominators
This seems like the scene where all these heroes are going to be mind controlled by the dominators and this is why barry and Oliver and hiding behind the Star Labs wall where Oliver blames Barry.But notice that these are the same group of heroes that
This appears that this will be at the end of the crossover where the heroes have been recognized with their brave work to save the planet, this is possibly where a Hall of Justice could be built for their work, which is what I will discuss later on.
Green Arrow preparing for the fight by drawing out an Arrow, but Atom doesn't look too worried about this threat
Cisco and Felicity on the Waverider, I've always wanted to see these two on the waverider and freak out about the concept of time travel
We see the battle of the heroes vs the aliens on a rooftop
Oliver vs Sarah, this is most likely because she was brainwashed because of the Dominators
The Dominators charging at Barry when they first arrive
We see the Flash take on whoever this is, I'm guessing this is from the Supergirl part of the crossover and she is trying to defeat this alien and Barry helps her
Sarah Lance piloting the Waverider and drawing away a fleet of Dominator ships from Earth
Heck Yeah!
Super fives
Firestorm giving all he's got, probably stopping the mother ship of the dominators in the final battle
Diggle in the Green Arrow suit pinning down I don't know who, but this is kind of a wink to Tommy Hawke being Diggle'ss son , which Barry screwed up from being a girl to a boy thanks to flashpoint.I wanted Rip Hunter to be in the crossover to roast Barry on creating flashpoint
This is so epic, to see all these heroes together on the same screen in so insanely awesome

So 4 posters have come out for all the CW dc shows that are in the crossover.These posters have the main protagonist of the show taking center stage with the supporting characters in the background.The posters also have this really awesome color tint for the main theme color of the show, like the Flash has red, Supergirl has a blue tint, Arrow has a green and Legends of tomorrow has an orange tint.So these posters look really nice but in the background of the posters we see the Hall of Justice!

The Hall of Justice in the comics is the home of the Justice League, where they meet up and then suit up.But does this mean that we are getting a Hall of Justice in the dc tv universe?
It seems like we are, because why would they go out of their way to create the hall of justice in these posters instead of just having the background be the base that they seem like they are going to be in for the crossover.So what will probably happen is that the heroes will save the world from the dominators and Cisco will create the hall of justice, possibly being a building that he restores tat gets damaged in the invasion.Or what we saw in the trailer is that the government might gift it to the heroes for saving to world.

This is so cool to see, because the Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, White Canary, the Atom, Firestorm, Heatwave, Vixen and Steel more or less the Justice League, it remains to be seen if at the team up they are called the Justice League by Cisco, but November 28th, get hyped.

I would like to hear your thoughts on that amazing trailer which has gotten me super hyped and let me know your thoughts on these posters and the hall of justice in the tv shows down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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