Supergirl Season 2 Episode 8:

So the begging of what will be the crossover this week, Supergirl.It only had some crossover stuff at the end but it was still cool.

So the episode is basically about Cadmus unleashing this virus called Medusa which targets and kills aliens.Medusa was unleashed at the alien bar where Mon-El was infected.Back at the DEO, Mon is isolation and Alex gets her mother, Eliza (who was there for Thanksgiving) to try to solve what Medusa is about.They find out that it has Krypton origins so Kara flies over to the fortress of solitude where she learns that her father created Medusa.Kara then questions Lena Luthor on her mother to see if she knows that she is behind Cadmus.Later Supergirl then goes and finds Cyborg Superman at night at L corp and he is attempting to unleash the Medusa virus.Supergirl stops him but he manages to flee after shooting Maggie.Also, a blue Earth-crossing portal opens up.
Later on, Supergirl then goes back to the DEO where she kisses Mon -El and Eliza confronts Alex and calls her out that she is gay.Maggie then gets patched up by Alex where she tells her that her mother found out.Kara then goes out as Supergirl and confronts Lena and tells her that her mother is the leader of Cadmus and Lena gets upset and kind of calls Supergirl a liar.Lena then calls her mother and tells her that she will help her on unleashing the Medusa virus world wide.
The Deo finds out that the Medusa is going to go worldwide at the port and Martian Manhunter and Supergirl go there to stop it.They see Lena and her mother there and the missile which contains Medusa takes off and Supergirl chases it.Meanwhile, Martian Manhunter has a fight with the real Hank Henshaw A.K.A Cyborg Superman.They then have an epic fight but then Martian Manhunter turns into a full blown white martian where he kicks cyborg superman's ass and he flees away.Supergirl then catches up to the missile but then it explodes and orange dust comes falling to Earth.It touches some aliens but they don't die.Lena then reveals that she double-crossed her mother and swapped out the medusa virus in the missile.The cops then come to pick up Lena's mother.
Back at the DEO, Eliza managed to use the Medusa virus to get rid of the white martian blood cells in Martian Manhunter making him better.Kara then asks Mon-El about their relationship where he doesn't remember the kiss.Alex and Maggie get together and kiss.Then we cut to a spaceship where we see some aliens are trying to track down Mon-El.
At Kara's apartment, a blue Earth-crossing portal opens up and Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon come through and Cisco asks Barry if this is the right place.Then Kara walks in the apartment and then instantly recognizes Barry and he introduces Cisco to Kara where Cisco says to Kara he is just Barry's co-worker, Barry then reminds Supergirl of the adventure they had last year and then barry asks Barry for the favour she left him and then Kara asks what Barry needs and then credits.

My favorite scene by far in the episode was the end scene with Barry and Cisco coming to Earth 4 (CBS) because the crossover is something I have been waiting for, for so long and I have broken down all the trailers and I am just super hyped for the crossover.And the first thing Barry says when Kara walks in is great "hey" while giving an awkward wave.I also liked how they carried over the character relationships from the other show like Cisco saying that he isn't Barry's friend but more like a co-worker, as in the last episode of the Flash, barry and Cisco had a falling out as Cisco found out that his brother, Dante died because of Barry messing around with the timeline and creating Flashpoint.

My favorite character in the episode was Lena Luthor.I didn't know whether the character was going to be good or bad, but this episode Lena proved to be a hero and we are not just getting a Super vs Luthor plot.I liked to way that Lena felt portrayed by Supergirl when she called her mother out, but she psyched her mother and did the right thing and didn't put the Medusa virus on the missile.The character is well portrayed by Katie McGrath and I can't wait to see her in the future of the series, as the villain is moving away from Cadmus towards the aliens trying to track down Mon-El.

Overall Medusa is a great episode even do it is a self-contained story compared to the crossover, the end scene gets me hyped.I will give Medusa an 8.5 out of 10.I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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