The 100th episode, time flies past and there was so much in this episode so let's recap...

So the episode starts off with Oliver on a morning run where he runs into Queen Manor where he sees Laurel and it is revealed that they are getting married tomorrow.We then see the fame go glitchy and it cuts to Olver, Thea, Diggle, Sarah and Ray in some shell unconscious.
We then see Felicity and Cisco walk into  the Arrow cave where they are trying to find Oliver.Cisco makes a joke on how Curtis is a tech dude who drops movie references, how original.Cisco hen does his vibe thing and he sees Oliver and the other aboard the Dominators ship where they are in the shells unconscious.Cisco then uses some Dominators technology that he stole to try to look through their files and then the chip that they were using blows up.
Back in the dreamscape, Sarah meets up with Laurel and then Srah looks at Laurel's necklace which is a canary and Sarah has some mind flashes of the real life.Oliver and Thea are sitting in Queen Manor and their parents walk in where Oliver has some mind flashes of them dying in the real world.Oliver and his dad, Robert go out to but tuxedos where they are about to get mugged and then the hood saves them.
Back in the real world, Felicity managed to track down a chip that can process all the dominators technology, a doctor stole it so she calls for some special projects so Felicity calls Barry and Kara to go with Curtis, Rory, and Rene to get the chip from the Doctor.Rene doesn't really want to work with Barry and Kara as he said that they think that they are saving the world but they are doing more harm than good, like when the Flash come along, all the evil metahumans appeared and when Supergirl arrives, a bunch of aliens are here.
So the heroes find the Doctor, and she has a lot of cybernetic implants, Rene goes at her but gets knocked down and Barry saves him then he punches here and he tags team up with Supergirl for the final blow, and Citrus names her Cyber woman.Rene then says to barry and Kara "I'm glad there are guys like you who save the world."
Back to Oliver, he goes to see Quintin if he knows anything about the hood and Oliver has some more memory flashes.Oliver stalks the hood and finds him in the Arrow cave where it is revealed that the hood is John Diggle and he is working with Felicity.
After they have a little fight John and Oliver make ends and Oliver leaves and he misses his practice wedding dinner, where Sarah meets Ray and Ray has some memory flashes about working with Sarah.
The next day Oliver is walking in his garden where John meets with him and then he reveals to Oliver that he has been having memory flashes and that the world they are in isn't right.Diggle managed to draw one of his flashes and he drew a dominator.Oliver then believes that whatever has put them in the dream has countermeasures, then he looks around and outcomes Deathstroke.Oliver and John tag-team to take down Slade but then Sarah comes in grabs one of his swords and stabs him, sadly.
The three go inside and realize that they are in a dream and they need to get out, they then realize that there is a building called Smoak technologies which is the only building they have no memories of and Sarah has a memory flash that her, Oliver, John, Thea and Ray all got abducted by the dominators.

Back with Felicity and the others, they manage to track down Oliver and the others but their coordinates show that they are in the US, however, the z-axis is in space.

So in the dream world, the big night is here, Oliver is going to marry laurel, but Sarah jogs Ray's memory and also Thea's memory.Oliver has an emotional moment with his parents where he hugs them.He then goes to talk to Thea who is adamant they should stay and she tells Oliver that this should be a reward for all the sacrifices he has made, but Oliver replies he made those sacrifices because it was the right thing to do.Thea then says that he is staying and Oliver, Sarah, Ray and John are outside and then they are faced by Deathstroke, Damien Darhk, and Malcome Merlyn.Thea then joins Oliver and company and then they battle with the enemies.Thea takes on Merlyn, Sarah takes on Darhk and Oliver takes on Deathstroke while John and Ray take on Deathstroke's goons.After and an epic fight with punches thrown, team Arrow takes down all their villains who disappear.
Laurel then runs outside where Sarah says goodbye to her and Oliver tells her that they have to leave and she says that she should stay, but then Oliver tells Laurel that he loves her for the last time.
Team Arrow leaves for Smoak Technologies where they find a portal.
Everyone walks through it but then before Oliver walks through it, Oliver sees holograms of all of his loved ones, Moria, Felicity, Roy, Tommy, Laurel and Robert.Oliver walks through only to find him and his friends in the Dominators shells, after encountering them and firing their own weapon against them, the team uses a Dominators escape pod to, well, escape and they fly off with a swarm of Dominator ships following them and firing, but then the Waverider shows up and saves Oliver and company in the escape shuttle.Aboard the Waverdier, Oliver, and his friends are greeted by Nate and it is revealed that the Dominators are heading for Earth.

My favorite scene in the episode was the final scene with Oliver seeing all his loved ones for the last time.It was so great to see the return of many characters, Laurel, Robert and Moria and also the villains, Slade, Merlyn, and Darhk, I did wish that Ra's al Gul was there but it was great to see them back.the action set piece was great but Oliver saying bye to his parent was so great to see, I also did like seeing Kaity Cassidy as Laurel back, the end scene with Oliver saying to Laurel his final words were also really neat to see and it is such a pay off to us fans.
I did want to see more scenes with Flash, Supergirl, Rory, Rene, and Curtis, the reason why Artemis wasn't the was because of the events of the last episode of Arrow where is was revealed the Artist was working with the big bad, Prometheus, so Mark Guggenheim said that it would be too distracting if there was a traitor working with the team.

The standout character of the episode was the man himself, Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen.
There were so many great things in the episode from Oliver seeing his parents and Laurel alive.To the realization that he has to leave behind everything he wanted for the greater good.I also really liked John as the green Arrow in the episode, he was really cool, and it also kind of teased Connor Hawke Green Arrow.

Overall, Invasion was a great 100th episode of Arrow, however, there wasn't a whole heap of crossover going on.There were many great characters returning and it was so great to see Oliver in his dream world and having to let go of everything to be the hero that Star City needs.I will give Invasion a 9 out of 10.I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode down below, like what was your favorite scene or character.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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