Season 5 Episode 5:
So Arrow this week was so cool so lets recap, so be careful of spoilers.

The episode is about the team trying to find Rene as in last week's episode he went missing.After some awesome skills are shown off by the team they narrow down where he is.
Felicity manages to track him down to a location via technology.We see Rene at the sight having to dig his own grave and he is all battered and tortured.Tobias Chruch tells him his plan that he is in star city as it has an export center that he wants to use for drugs.Green Arrow show up and saves Rene but Tobias manages to get away.
Back at the Arrow cave Rene reveals that while he was tortured he accidentally gave up Oliver and revealed to Tobias he was the Green Arrow.Everyone goes crazy, and Diggle tells Rene it wasn't his fault and he didn't know much of what he was doing.Oliver goes to a Mayor meeting where he roasts a councilman and then while Oliver and Thea are leaving they are ambushed by Deathstroke lite outside where Oliver is shot and pronounced dead, by Quintin on TV.
Team Arrow is watching this on Tv and then Oliver is standing next to them, but plot twist Diggle hire a human target to play dead for Oliver and he used an Oliver mask which is weird and cool.The Human target being the character from the comics has a tv show on Fox which was pretty good, but it is cool to see Christopher Chance in the tv DCCWEU.
So then Tobias he hired the hit man to kill Oliver thinks he succeeded and ten he goes with his plan art the cargo bay.At the cargo bay, Tobias Church and his goons have an epic fight with team Arrow which consisted of Green Arrow,Spartan,Artemis,Wilddog, Mr. Terrific,Ragman and Human Target.
Oliver has a one on one fight with Tobias where he is finally defeated a bought into custody.
The flashbacks this episode had Oliver in the Bravata and he gets in a fight outside of the bar where he is saved by Human Target, so the flashbacks are kind of connecting with the present day.
The end scene has Tobias in a police van being transferred to Iron Heights where the police are attacked by Prometheus and Tobias begs for his life and tells Prometheus that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow.Prometheus then goes and kills Tobias.
So now Prometheus knows that Oliver is the Green Arrow, so he might go and start picking off the Queen family (really its only Oliver and Thea) but Prometheus's reaction to the identity of green Arrow wasn't like "I knew that already" wich is what I wish he/she said but it seemed like they didn't know.I'm still hoping Prometheus is Laurel, she could have been mind wiped so that is why she didn't know who the Green Arrow was, I guess we will have to wait to find out.

My favorite scene this episode was that end fight scene with so many characters it was so insane.The action from Arrow this season has been so on point with the tone of the show.It was also great to see all the characters interactions between one another.
My favorite character this episode was Christopher Chance, Human Target, it was so great seeing an awesome character who was on tv before return.It is great to see that Arrow is allowed to use so many characters like Vixen,Constantine and now Human Target.Will Traval did such a great job with portraying the character and I hope he returns.

Overall tonight's episode of Arrow was a really awesome one with such a great action set piece at the end and we see how Prometheus is going to be a hard match for team Arrow.I will give Human Target an 8.5 out of 10, I hope human target returns.Feel free to leave your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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