Season 5 Episode 6:
On tonight's episode of Arrow so much goes down and Prometheus is revealed, so spoilers ahead, let's recap.

And so the episode begins with Green Arrow and Diggle trying to track down Prometheus but then they are greeted by this message in the image above which has fire spelling 'and so it begins'.We then see Prometheus on a killing spree killing innocent people and team Arrow (Oliver,John, and Felicity) freaks out but don't tell the new recruits.Felicity then goes to her boyfriend's office at the police department and steals the shuriken that was used by Prometheus to kill the victims.But then there are news reports of Prometheus at a marketplace where Oliver and Diggle get the new recruits and go calm down the citizens, but Prometheus is nowhere to be found.
The new recruits are upset at Oliver that he never told them about Prometheus and he also shows them his special hit list book which they freak out about.Evelyn is upset at Oliver as he killed but he stopped her from killing Darhk last season as she was ruining the Black Canary legacy.
Felicty and Curtis make a correlation between the victims that Prometheus has murdered (by their zodiac) and then team Arrow slits up to save the day.
Artemis is on a subway going to protect the driver,but for with Felicity annoying her she turns off her com, but then Prometheus shows up and Artemis manages to hold her own and (remember this) cuts Prometheus on his arm.Oliver's person who is protecting has not been attacked by Prometheus, so Oliver asks Overwatch about Artemis and she said she doesn't know her stats, Oliver shows up as the Green Arrow on the subway and saves her and the drive with Prometheus fleeing away.
The team is back in the cave and Oliver says that all the possible victims are safe and that he is heading to a concert that he as Mayor set up.Felicity goes to her boyfriend apologizes for stealing the shuriken and reveals to him that she works for the Green Arrow.At backstage at the concert Oliver sees the team and greets them, Felicity shows up late and talks to him in private and tells him that the shurikens Prometheus has been using have been made out of the same metal Oliver has been using on his arrows for the past 4 years, so she says that Prometheus must be someone in the Star City Police department, and then we cut to a shot of Quentin ignoring a call from Thea and rolling up his shirt sleeve revealing a cut, in the same place Artemis cut Prometheus!
So this is insane, My favorite part of the episode was the big reveal at the end, Quentin has been a character that has run in the background so far so for him to be the main villain is so bad.It seems like Quentin lost his sh*t after Laurel died and Sarah left again that he became Prometheus, so it does make a little sense why he would go down the path of a serial killer.The people he was murdering were people that had a correlation between zodiac signs, so what if he was taunted by someone who said that he could bring Laurel back to life by murdering people with some zodiac ties.It was such a big reveal in the episode and I can't wait to see where this plays out.
The stand out character for me from tonight's episode was Evelyn Sharp.The character had a really good dynamic in the relationship with Oliver this episode bring the father Daughter relationship.Artemis is such a cool character who had a really good backstory last season and definitely deserves to have more screen time.Madison McLaughlin has done such a great job with the character and when she was announced I was so excited and still am.
Overall the episode is a really amazing episode with the big reveal that Quentin is Prometheus, the fight scenes in the episode were great especially a lot of the character dynamics.I will give and so it begins an 9 out of 10.I can't wait to see where the characters are going next.I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode below and do you agree with me that Quentin is being Prometheus as there is another big bad that claims he can bring back Laurel to life, let me know by dropping a comment below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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