Season 5 Episode 7:
So Arrow this week had some really awesome stuff and it is the last episode before the crossover as it is taking a break next week, so be careful of spoiler lets recap...

The episode starts off with this new Vigilante murdering some criminals.Team Arrow finds out about this and needs to stop him.The vigilante goes on a few more murder sprees but then Team Arrow track him down but he gets away.Back at the Arrow cave, Diggle  tells Rene that is annoyed that he can't see his son on his birthday because he is a fugitive.At Quintin's apartment, Thea comes over and Quintin tells her that when he has been getting drunk he blacks out and that one night (end of the last episode) he found blood on his hands and the star the Prometheus was using.Thea sends him to a rehab to get better and tells him that Laurel would be concerned about him.
Oliver goes to get a drink with the reporter lady and Diggle calls him and he says he knows how to track the vigilante down by robbing a bank.So team Arrow suits up with Felicity, Diggle, Rene and Rory go into the bank masked while Curtis and Evelyn stay watch outside the bank,The Vigilante with Curtis held hostage and the Green Arrow shows up.Curtis is let free while Oliver and the vigilante fight it out.Oliver shoots an arrow which ties up the vigilante and he says to Oliver that he isn't doing the city justice and that he lost his loved ones.Oliver is about to lift up the vigilante's mask but then a smoke bomb goes off and the vigilante gets away.
Back at the Arrow cave, Wilddog set up a small birthday for Diggle to his son and Lyla.
The episode ends with Artemis on a rooftop and she meets up with Prometheus and she says to him "no one suspects a thing."
My favorite scene in the episode was the end action scene with Oliver going up aginst whoever this vigilante is.The way Oliver fights is just so awesome and the fight scenes are really grounded and realistic.I have no idea who the vigilant might be under the mask if it is one of the many vigilantes from the comics who are, Greg Saunders,  Adrian Chase,  Alan Welles, Dave Winston, Pat Trayce, Justi Powell, or Dorian Chase.Saunders is the last name of Hawkgirl, so they could somehow to tie up the plot with Hawkgirl who can appear in an episode of Arrow this season.But the vigilante character could be someone who already existed on the show and his family was a victim of the mistakes of the hood.

My favorite character in this episode was Quintin.I have no idea where the character is going, is the Prometheus and lied to Thea or is he being framed.But I can't wait to see what they do with the character.I have a Prometheus theory, what if Laurel is Prometheus and she is framing her father for to be the serial killer.This might also explain why Artemis may be working with Prometheus which is because Evelyn looked up to the Black canary.But I do wonder what connection Evelyn and Prometheus have.

Overall the Vigilante is a great episode leaving many mysteries.This is a great episode 99 from Arrow.I will give the vigilante an 8 out of 10.Arrow is not on air next week but is the week after which is the crossover and the 100th episode.Feel free to leave your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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