You want to know what I think of this movie? Magic is trippy
So Doctor Strange spoilers ahead, first I'm going to recap.

Stephen Strange is a brilliant neurosurgeon who is in a car accident.he hands get dismantled and he goes under many surgeries trying to fix him.One day in physical therapy class, Stephen gets told about a patient that was in a wheelchair who learned to walk again.Stephen finds the patient and he tells Stephen that he found a magic place in Nepal.Stephen uses the last of his money to go to Nepal, there he gets mugged, but he is then saved by Karl Mordo who takes Stephen to the magic place.

There Stephen meets the Ancient One and goes through some trippy dimensionally mind control but then gets kicked out.
Stephen is then let back into the academy where Stephen is taught a lot of magic from creating portals to a mirror dimension which is something that a magic user can create where they can perform magic without it doing anything the material world.The librarian,Wong teaches Stephen about three sanctums around the world that protect earth from mystical threats, these sanctums are in London,New York, and Hong King.After struggling, Stephen progresses in magic.He then learns about a magic user called Kaecilius who stole so pages about dark magic from a book.Stephen then gets curious and looks at the book and reads about the Eye of Agamotto which is in the library.Meanwhile, in the London Sanctum Kaecilius and his followers are using the pages to summon Dormammu!
This causes some destruction which flies into the gateway in the library where  Stephen gets thrown into the New York sanctum and he is injured.Kaecilius's followers follow Stephen where they have a fight a magic fight and Stephen finds the cloak of levitation which helps him in the fight.After the magic goons are gone,Stephen makes a portal to the hospital where he meets back up with Christine Palmer and she operates on him,Stephen reveals that he has learned magic and he shows her.One of Kaecilius's goons shows up in spirit form so Stephen goes into his spirit form and has a fight with him.Stephen is all patched up uses a portal to go back to the sanctum where Kacellius arrives.Stephen manages to use a magical trap to capture Kaecilius and then Mordo comes in the sanctum and checks if Stephen is okay.But then Kaecilius's followers break him free and then they open up the mirror dimension and start inception flipping New york.Stephen and Karl chase Kaecilius and his followers in and out of the bending New York on the side of buildings and sidewalks and streets folding over each other.After an epic chase and what I thought to be the end of the film, the Ancient One comes in and saves Stephen and Karl from Kaecilius, but the Ancient One has a red mark on her forehead and Stephen reveals that the Ancient One has been drawing life energy from the dark dimension which she forehead as Dormammu is there.The Ancient One accepts the ugly truth, then Kacellius turns the mirror don't dimension off and the Ancient One falls a hundred or so feet.She is then rushed to the hospital where she goes into spirit form and Stephen meets up with her also in spirit modeThey have a heart to heart conversation where she tells Stephen that he has to guard the New York sanctum and he is now the sorcerer supreme.He spirit form fades away and Doctor Strange goes back to the physical form where the Ancient One is dead.

With only, the Hong Kong Santorum secure Wong and some other good magic users guard it.But then Kacellius and his goons come and start opening up the dark dimension for Dormammu to come to Earth.Doctor Strange and Karl Mordo get to Hong Kong where Doctor Strange uses the time stone to undo a lot of the destruction that has happened he then freezes time and only Doctor Strange, Karl Mordo , and Wong are left standing against Kaecilius and two of his followers, who Karl and Wing occupied while Doctor Strange goes to the dark dimension.In the dark dimension, we see DORMAMMU! and Doctor Strange turns in the repeating ability if the stone.Stephen tries to bargain with Dormammu but he gets killed, but thanks to the time stone, time repeats itself back to when Doctor Strange turn on the ability of the repeating time.So we see a montage if Dormammu killing Stephen 30 times, until last Doctor Strange bargaining with him and promises to end this time loop in exchange for Dormammu staying off Earth. Dormammu accepts and the dark dimension gets sucked back from Earth but takes a long Kacellius and his followers.Doctor Strange uses the time stone to undo all the damage that happened.Karl then says to Wong and Stephen that the Ancient one lied to him so he is going gis own way.Dictor Strange puts the Eye of Agamotto/time stone back in the library and is chilling as the sorcerer supreme in the New York sanctum.

The mid-credit scene is of Stephen talking to Thor and telling him that he will help find Odin who is lost on Earth.

The post-credit scene is if Karl Mordo visiting the miracle patient played by Benjamin Bratt, and Karl sucks out all the magic from him so he can't walk.

My favorite scene in the film was seeing the time stone in action at the end with Dormammu.I didn't even think that they would even show us a glimpse of Dormammu, that is insane! The way the  time stone was used was really creative and it is just so cool to see time being messed with in the MCU.

My favorite character in the film was the cloak of Levitation, it managed to steal the whole show, but favorite character played by an actor is  Benedict Cumberbatch himself as Doctor Strange, the character has a stereotypical marvel superhero origin but the concepts, such as magic and time that the character worked with made the film unique compared to others.Stephen Strange as a character never seemed like too much of a terrible person, he is still a douche but I didn't hate him at the begging when he was a doctor.I still really enjoyed every other character like Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams), Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor), the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), Wong(Benedict Wong), and the villain Kaecilius played by Mads Mickelson.

Overall Doctor Strange is a solid 14tgh entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it has helped shaped up phase 3 to be really awesome.The characters in the film were great with amazing actors portraying them, the visual effects were taken up to the next level in this film and looked insane, especially New York flipping around and the magic of the orange lines and portals.The story in this film was great but the passing did feel a little rushed going from the second to this act.
I will give Doctor Strange an 8.75 out of 10. Scott Derrickson did an amazing job with introducing the sorcerer supreme into the MCU.

What was your favorite scene or character from Doctor Strange? Let me know by dropping a comment below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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