So tomorrow night will be the start of the 4-night crossover that I am so excited about, but a new trailer has come so let's break it down...
 Lyla in Star Labs showing team Flash some old pictures of the dominators
 Here is the flag, but it appears that it is hanging off a car as there is a headlight next to it
 Oliver and Barry talking about the invasion that is coming and they are next to some Star Labs equipment
 I have no clue as to what this is, may possibly be the dominators home planet
 Cisco and Barry are going to go a pickup supergirl, we see Cisco doing some last minute tapering with his gauntlets, so I don't know, they don't end up on an Earth where Supergirl is evil and she's trying to kill everyone.
 Kara coming in to fight an enemy where we see Barry helping her
 Barry introducing Kara to everyone
 HR and Felicity freaking out over Supergirl's abilities
 Barry getting attacked by the dominators when they first arrive on Earth
 Nate is looking over some destruction done by the dominators
 A dominator with the creepy long fingers
 Rene getting up and pulling out his gun
 Mick, Amaya, and Nate captured in a cell.I believe that they go back in time to the first Dominators invasion to help the military or gain information but they get locked up
 Speaking of the military we see the military take control of the heroes operation, Lyla may have called on them for backup.
 This guy appears to be the leader of this special ops group helping out heroes or league
 Dominators ship coming into Earth
 The side of one of the Dominators Ship
 Ok, this is awesome, Sarah is going up against Deathstroke.This is in the mind control dream in the Arrow episode.And no, that is not Sarah's White Canary costume it is a wedding dress as in that episode Oliver and Laurel are going to get married.
 I hope Sarah doesn't kill Slade.What if somehow the dominators learn that he is a formidable foe for the heroes are they somehow to recreate him and he can come back to the show.But I doubt that would happen as Deathstroke is going to be in the BAtfleck film and the movies can't use the movies characters, like the suicide squad characters who had to all be killed off.I wouldn't be surprised if when the Flash movie comes out, the tv show will have to swap out Barry as the flash to Wally West for a couple episodes.
Mick unleashing his heat gun on a dominator who appears he CAN'T HANDLE THE HEAT
The Flash van sadly being blown up.The two figures next to the explosion is the Green Arrow and the Flash.The lasers seem like they are from the Atom suit.I believe that the heroes we saw before in the night scene which were, White Canary, Firestorm, Speedy, Supergirl, the Atom, Spartan, and Heatwave, they are the same heroes that were at the warehouse.I believe that the dominators mind control these heroes and Oliver and Barry have to stop them.
flying arrows
Dominators in the warehouse, possibly unleashing a mind control device on the heroes
Supergirl blocking her ears in the warehouse, she is possibly trying not to be mind controlled
Heroes vs Aliens on a helicopter pad
a civil war run up, so excited

Overall this trailer was great and I can't wait until tomorrow night.I would like to hear your thoughts on this trailer down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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