Season 2 Episode 4:
Legends of Tomorrow this week was so great with so much cool stuff and amazing character development, so spoilers ahead, let's recap...

The episode starts off with a time pirate being infected by a virus and crash landing in 1863, in the middle of the US civil war, not the one at by the other comic book studio where all those other colorful people lined up in an airport.
So the legends go investigate the crash where they then save dispatch from some confederates.They then talk to the dispatch and then the confederates rise up and they are ZOMBIES! and they get defeated by the legends with Mick getting infected.
Mick is carried into the med bay on the Waverider and Ray and Martin develops a way to stop the virus but things go a little awry. Jefferson and Vixen decide to go out and retrieve some information the dispatch was searching for.While Sarah and Nate go to the union and warn them about the zombies.With Jefferson and Vixen where they go sneak into a confederates party where Jefferson gets chained in the basement for disrespecting 'his owner' and he meets some other slaves and Jefferson has a really heartbreaking moment when he comes to the realization that what the southerners did to African Americans 150 years ago was not right in any way and that being treated lower than another human being due to his skin color was horrific, but he saw that the slaves never lost hope.But then Vixen manages to get through the party and free the Jefferson and the rest of the slaves.
But then they have to deal with Zombies, which Vixen and the now free slaves escape, Jackson then goes and manages to retrieve the information courtesy of help from another slave.Meanwhile, the zombie heard is about to attack the Union's camp and they are managed to be taken care of by Steel with him going into steel mode and attracts all the zombies and blows himself up, surviving of course.
Back on the Waverider, Martin comes over his fear of zombies and manages to turn zombie Mick back into regular human Mick.And everyone is ok.
The last scene is of Mick and ray having a conversation and since Mick feels sorry that ray has no powers because his suit got destroyed, he gives Ray Captain Cold's cold gun.Possibly making Ray Citizen Cold.
But the very last scene is Martin telling Jefferson that he felt what he saw (because of the firestorm telepathic link) and that he can't describe it.

My favorite scene this week was the scene of Jefferson being captured and treated like a slave.The character development was amazing, but jeez, it was tough watching that scene, though, and seeing how a modern day kid who deals with not as heavy racism  breakdown at the height of racism, while the other around still have hope.
The stand out character for me this week was Jefferson Jefferson.The character has dealt with racism on the show and seeing  him come to the realization that he was at the highest point in humanity having racism was really interesting and how he saw that the people never gave up hope, something he did in the situation.Franz Drameh played the character amazingly well this week and always.

Overall tonight's episode was an amazing episode with spectacular character development, Michael Allowitz did an amazing job.I will give ambition an 8.5 out of 10.I am also really excited for Ray to become what will essentially be Citizen Cold.I would like to hear your thoughts on the episode below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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