Season 2 Episode 6:
So Legends of Tomorrow tonight was such a great episode so let's recap and be careful of spoilers, here we go...

The episode starts off with a time pirate going to the wild west and gives a cowboy, Turnball a map to a mine where some dwarf star is being held.The Legends save Jona Hex from some other cowboys and get on the waverider where the discuss a plan, but then they check a map of the United States in the future and it is revealed that Turnball claimed the whole west coast, and Hex says that Turnball killed everyone in his hometown with a fire in a church.
Ray finds a drawing Nate made about a possible superhero suit he could wear and Martin has some memory seizures and decides to sit the adventure about.
So, Jefferson, Ray, and Nate go undercover as tax collectors to try to find what Turnball has and they manage to find the mine where they find a crap tone of dwarf star.Meanwhile Mick, Vixen, Sarah, and hex go into a bar where Mick makes friends with Turnball but then a fight breaks out, Nate, Jefferson, and ray run to the bar and help out, Turnball then uses a bullet made of the dwarf star alloy and it creates a powerful blue explosion like the Atom suit.Nate turns to steel to take a hit for Mick, but he ends up bleeding.
Back aboard the Waverider, Nate is rushed into the med bay and he is saved thanks to Gideon.The team then discovers that Turnball is planning to transfer all his dwarf star to the west coast to take it over using the railroads.So the team gears up, Nate, Ray and Jefferson go and take on the train while Srah disguises herself as a cowboy to take in Hex to Turnball also while Mick and Mia blow up the mine.
Nate goes into Steel mode and stops the train while Hex manages to take down Turnball without killing him and Mick  and Mia blow up the mine.Back aboard the Waverider, Hex, and Sarah have a farewell.Martin tells Jefferson that he is having visions of a woman he loves and Jefferson says that when they went back to the 80's in the last episode, they interfered with Martin's past and now he has a new wife.But the episode ends with Ray saying that he is building a new suit because they extracted the dwarf star from the train but first he built a suit for Citizen Steel and it is really accurate to the comics.But then Srah walks into the room and tells them to strap in because their friends in 2016 need their help.

My favorite scene in the episode was the end scene with the reveal of the Citizen Steel suit.The suit looks very comic accurate and he is going to be wearing it in the crossover.I just love the cliffhanger they leave us on for the crossover.I did wish they somehow tied in future Barry's message with the legends going back to the past to help out the rest of the heroes.I also did like the bar fight scene, they are always my favorite action scenes in the show but I did like Nate stopping the train, it was a bad ass moment.

My favorite character in the episode was Hex and also Sarah, I did like how Hex at the end of the episode respected Sarah as a captain where at the begging of the episode we was scratching his head on how a woman could be a captain.Jona Hex is a great character with Jonathon Schaech doing such awesome acting and I hope he returns to the show for next season.

Overall this episode of Legends of Tomorrow was a great episode back at the wild west and the soundtrack used is great with the Legends theme composed with instruments from the wild west, and the set up for the crossover not next week but the week after, got me hyped.I will give Outlaw country a 9 out of 10.Let me know your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.There is no Legends of Tomorrow or Arrow next week, but, As always thanks for reading, take care. 

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