Season 2 Episode 5:
So Supergirl this week had some big reveals so first let's do a quick recap.

The episode is basically about a new gang of criminals are in national City and Supergirl needs to stop them, the only problem them is that they have been supplied weapons that can take on aliens, courtesy of Cadmus labs, and we see the owner of Cadmus labs below (remember her)
Meanwhile, Kara is helping Mon-El coming into the world and learning how to do Earth things, which is really hilarious and hs created a great dynamic between the two characters.
In a fight with the gang, Supergirl gets smashed into a children's hospital.But.Jamie goes out vigilante to try to stop the gang but fails, he tells Winn who tells him that he is crazy.
After the fight, Lena Luthor is going to hold a fundraiser party to help pay for the damages, she invites Kara and Supergirl so Kara is in some deep heat and Mon also tags along.She manages to pull off a plan to be both Kara and Supergirl with the help of Winn.The gang attacks the party where Supergirl and Jamie manage to stop them with the help of Lena and Winn creating an EMP type device.
The episode ends with Winn telling Jamie that he will build him a suit.The final scenes, since it was episode 5 there had to be a parental reveal which it was revealed that Lena's mother is the owner of Cadmus labs!

My favorite scene in the episode was the big action set piece at the end of the episode, the visual effects looked great.The only complaints I had on that scene was the weird cinematography on Supergirl flying shooting lasers, the high angle just seemed off, it would have worked better as a mid shot.I also wished that Mon-El was involved in some of the action to, like if he saved Supergirl.

The stand out character of the episode for me was Mon-El, the way he is being used as comic relief in the episode was great, he brings a brighter tone to the show, which is what the show needs to stick with a lot more.The relationship between Mon-El and Supergirl is a great dynamic, the only co plaint I have about it is that at times they have a sister-brother relationship rather than a romantic relationship which is what they having teasing towards us in this episode, more towards the end, I think only towards the end, I hope they stick with one or the other and don't do what the Flash has done with Barry and Iris which is one of my biggest complaints about the show.Also since Young Justice season 3 was announced yesterday, if there is a live caation Young Justice CW show later down the road do you think Mon-El should join? let me down in the commets.

Overall the episode was a solid one so I will give crossfire an 8 out of 10.One thing what I was wondering was if the show was going to create a rogue character that had one of the guns that could stop Supergirl and become like a Captain Cold type character.I would like to know your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.Since the Flash isn't on tonight because of the worst presidential election ever, probably, I haven't been everywhere in location and time to witness every election. So tonight I will do a Flash trailer breakdown.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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