Season 2 Episode 6:
So Supergirl tonight was a great episode where we finally see the Guardians.So first let's recap.

The episode is basically about this an environmental facility being attacked by a mysterious being.Martain Manhunter and Alex go investigate and find one survivor.The survivor is brought back to the DEO and is released where he pulls a will and a slug crawls out of his mouth and into his ear.The guy then goes on a rampage and kills a few environmental people thinking that they are destroying the world, and he gets the name by Wynn, Parasite.Alex and Supergirl go find Parasite but manages to absorb Kara's powers.Later on, Alex comes out to Kara and then they have a discussion on being different and how Kara always felt that she had to hide a big part of her life because she was an alien and that Alex shouldn't do the same and hide the fact she is gay.Later that night Martian Manhunter and Supergirl go out and fight Parasite but they get their asses handed to them and their powers are absorbed out of them.
While they are in recovery, Wynn gives Jimmy his superhero suit.Martian Manhunter is in a critical state when Alex goes and finds Miss Martian where she tells her that martian Manhunter needs a blood transfusion, Miss Martian is reluctant at first because she is a white martian but then she agrees to help him.
Then Parasite starts terrorizing National City and Mon -El manages to save a few people while Jimmy as the Guardian goes to battle him, using his epic shield.Supergirl then wakes up from her medical bed flies grabs some plutonium and charges at parasite making him absorb all the plutonium and he explodes.
The episode ends with Alex at the bar and she tells Maggie about her feeling for her and she kisses her but then Maggie friend zones Alex.

The stand out character in the episode for me, well there were two, I really like the route they are taking Alex Denver where she is confused about everything, and nothing is going her way.I feel that she is going to feel betrayed by Maggie throughout the season, with maggie sprinkling hints that she likes Alex and she fell for it, Chyler Leigh is performing the character really well this season.
The second stand out character for me this was the Guardian, Jimmy Olsen has the right mindset to be a hero with is courage and strength, and him being a hero is really great, the helmet of the guardian suit reminds me a lot of the iron man suit helmet, in terms of the angling.And that fight scene was also my favorite scene in the episode, his fighting skills were shown off greatly.Well, I am excited to see Mehcad Brooks takes the character this season.
Overall, Supergirl Change was a great episode with many changes for all the characters, except Wynn, he is still an awesome character.I will give the episode an 8 out of 10.Feel free to leave your thoughts on the episode down in the comments below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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