Season 2 Episode 8:
Supergirl tonight featured so much stuff so let's do a recap...

So the episode starts off with Mon -El captured by Cadmus and then he tries to escape but then they threaten him to stand down as they have Hank Henshaw captured.Meanwhile, Kara, Alex, Winn, and Jimmy are in the alien bar which they discuss the guardian.Meanwhile, Guardian is going out on his crime fighting nights but there is another vigilante going after the villains he captures and murders them.Winn then reveals to Alex that Jimmy is the Guardian and he is innocent and she Maggie to not go after him.
Supergirl then flies off to go capture the Guardian but then gets a mind call from Cadmus telling them about Mon-El,.Supergirl flies down and sees Hank and she discovers that he is the real Hank Henshaw, not Martian Manhunter, he kicks Kara's ass and he reveals that he is cyborg Superman!
she sees the leader of Cadmus and makes the correlation that she is Lena and Lex's mother.Kara has her blood taken from her and she is weakened, but luckily her earth dad, Jeremiah breaks Kara and Mon-El out but stays behind.Meanwhile, Martian Manhunter confronts Miss Martian on being a white martian and he captures her in a DEO prison.

Kara and Mon-El get to safety and Kara tells Alex that her father is still alive.Alex and Maggie try to find the Guardian who the murderer follows and the murderer get arrested.
Everyone then goes to Kara's apartment where Mon-El finds a love interest in Kara.The episode ends with Cyborg Superman using Supergirl's blood to access the fortress of solitude and he demands to learn about project Medusa.

My favorite scene in the episode was when Kara meets up Jeremiah.It was so great to see a small Father and daughter reunion.I can't wait to learn what he has been up to and Alex's reaction to seeing her father after 15 years.I also did enjoy seeing Cyborg Superman, I have always wanted to see him appear on the show since the first episode where Martian Manhunter has taken the name of Hank Henshaw.
Did anyone else get the Batman easter egg in the episode, it was when Kara was in the bar and she said that her cousin (Superman) teamed up with a vigilante who had tons of gadgets and tons of demons.Who else has these qualities in the dc universe, oh yeah the caped crusader himself, Batman.He probably won't show up on the Supergirl show as the rights for tv Batman are with Fox for Gotham.But it is still cool to know that there is a Batman in the DC TV verse.

The stand out character in the episode was Supergirl herself.I've always loved how the characters has been portrayed by Melisa Benoist on screen.I loved how the character in this episode had the emotional moments with her father and her having a possible romance that is beeing hinted at then end of the episode between Kara and Mon-El.

Overall the darkest place is a great episode which showed us much development in the series that we have been wanting to know from the first couple of episodes in the series.I will give this episode an 8.5 out of 10.I would like to know your thoughts on episode down in the comments down below.As always thanks for reading, take care.

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